5 Musicals That Try But Fail

Like any entertainment genre, musicals definitely have had their flops. These five are not the cream of the crop but some definitely have their moments and maybe aren't quite so floppy. What's your favorite terrible guilty pleasure musical?

Sorry Maria this was just not good. Those outfits! I know it was sort of the style but it was a total caricature yech! Plus what was with that swipe of silver paint everywhere? Don't get it.

Even though this has a great soundtrack and top notch cast (Gene Kelly what!) the 70's camp and roller disco-ness of this musical is just too much. Plus the plot is just a bit crazy. I will say when we saw this one at Drury Lane last year it was pretty fantastic on stage and the story wasn't so campy.

Not terrible but not necessarily great, just ok.

Rock of Ages
Not gonna lie I actually really enjoy this one! It's definitely terrible but in an awesome 80's hair metal kind of way. Not going to lie some of the costuming and looks drive me nuts. They are more like the 80's inspired clothes you see today not actual 80's clothing and styling.

From Justin to Kelly
Becky and I rented this during our senior year of college. Let's just say that was one of the biggest mistakes we made during our college careers! I'm pretty sure Blockbuster owes us money for paying full price (aka like $4 back in the day!) to rent this loser. It was just bad!

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