15 2000's Songs You Totally Forgot Existed

One of my favorite things is when I've got all my music in one large playlist and I hit shuffle. It's almost like a treasure hunt because you never know what is going to pop up. It can start out with one of your favorite current hits but all of a sudden an old school obscure song from the 90's comes up that you haven't heard in forever. Almost like pop rocks for your ears!

The 2000's haven't been that long gone but with the ever moving forward music industry it seems like everything is always on to the next thing and never looking back. It's sad because there are so many great songs that only exist when we open up our own archives and hit that shuffle button! I could probably expand this list to like 50 songs but I thought I'd limit myself : ) Some of these are those first hits by artists that have grown since, some are one hit wonders and some are in between. I was even able to get Kevin's picks tonight!

What was the latest forgotten gem that popped up on you playlist recently?

Wherever You Will Go by The Calling

Boyfriend by Ashlee Simpson

I Wanna Be Bad by Willa Ford

Dance With Me by Debelah Morgan

Right Thurr by Chingy

Why Can't I? by Liz Phair

Chain Hang Low by Jibbs

Here (In Your Arms) by Hellogoodbye

Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall

Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm

All Around The World by ATC

Buttons ft. Snoop Dogg by The Pussycat Dolls

Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, Pink

The Way I Are ft. Keri Hilson, D.O.E., Sebastian by Timbaland

Without Me by Eminem

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