5 Resources To Help With Your DIY Projects

There are so many issues that you can face when starting on a DIY project like where to find the materials (at a cheap price!) or how exactly to do the project (thanks pinner who only pinned the photo!). Lately I've been branching out and trying to find new places and websites that can assist with my projects. Here are some of the new favorites I've found

Fire Mountain Gems
Need cheap beads for your project? Need beads you might not be able to find in Michael's or Jo-ann? Check out Fire Mountain Gems! They have everything from crystals to charms to tools to make jewelry. When I discovered them this past spring I went a little nuts during one of their $1 sales. If you're a jewelry crafter or use beads for other crafts check them out.

New Ideas
For new ideas trying heading to actual company websites instead of Pinterest this time. Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michael's both have really great Projects & Inspiration pages. They have both idiot proofed a majority of the projects with step by step directions and downloads so you can make them on your own, you can even find baking projects under these as well.

I'm a huge fan of Michael's including photos and links for each other products used in the project. Yes Yes I know what they're doing but sometimes it's really helpful to have that photo so you know what you're looking for (just be sure to check who has the good sales this week!). Specific product websites have gotten in on this action as well so be sure when you're looking for that Wilton pan or Lion Brand Yarn to check out their websites

Save On Crafts
This website is every DIY fanatic (and bride's) dream come true. There is literally everything you could imagine to make a craft on this website. Need burlap? They have it in rolls, already cut into pennants, bags, there are even ready made burlap flowers!

Local Library/Park District
Mom would give me a big hug for adding this one to the list! Seriously you have no idea how big a resources these can be. Most local libraries will have tons of books on every type of craft. It's a great way to be inspired without having to fork over dough for the actual books. Check out the programs at the library and your local park district as well. The past few years I've seen a spike in craft related classes and they're usually very low priced or free! I've seen ones from Beginning Sewing to Making a Popcorn Garland.

Become a Joiner
There are so many groups out there that you can join that will encourage and bring you new opportunities. My mom is involved in a knitting group through our church, this group of ladies get together weekly to knit, talk about projects and share ideas. She's been involved with a group through another church that knits and sews baby blankets and hats for preemies. Check out things like Meetup for crafting groups in your area.

Maybe you don't want to make new friends but there is that one friend of yours who is into scrapbooking too. Make a monthly date to bring the three pages & supplies you're working on right now. Create your own little group!

What are some of your hidden resources for your DIY projects??

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