Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

Play this while reading the post.

First off I'd like to apologize for the scatteredness of the past few weeks and the sometimes long breaks in-between posts. This past Monday my dad passed away. I hadn't shared what was going on with him since he was being pretty private about it. Back in January he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and about two and a half weeks he contracted a serious c diff infection in the hospital. Unfortunately he could not recover from it. 

I do not like to remember him in that manner and that's not the man I want to share with you today because that's not who he was. The past week and a half I've taken solace in looking through all the many photos I have of him and with him, along with laughing at the fact that so many of our iconic family photos we think are of all of us he's taking the photo.

That's him on the left with my Uncle Jim

My parents celebrated their 40th anniversary August 10th.

Even though I love my mom so incredibly much I am definitely still and always will be Dad's little princess. 

My Dad is an amazing man. In his professional career in the Lutheran church he is kind of a rock start. He was the first in his field to earn a PhD, throughout his entire career he has been a revolutionary when it comes to small group and youth ministry. Always ready to make a new friend, he was able to strike up meaningful conversation with everyone that crossed his path.

One of the things I will miss the most is not being able to go to him for advice. Actually advice is not the right term, he wouldn't just hear what I had to say and give his opinion. It was more like we'd talk over everything together and he would help me discover how I felt about the situation and what the best option for me was.

The title of my post is a phrase that Dad has said for the longest time. Even though I am still very sad and probably will be for a while I cannot keep the moments of the last two weeks in the front of my mind. The wonderful and special moments we've had throughout my life need to be the main thing. One must always be reminding themselves that they need to keep the main thing the main thing.