Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Fiances are definitely an area that Kevin and I need to work on and have been attempting to work on. Unfortunately for us we aren't all or nothing type people, we need to make one change and really implement at a time. If you follow me on Pinterest (if you aren't you should be!) you'll have noticed that I've been working on gathering lots of fun new money pins

I'm a big fan of #9. I always like when Kevin comes shopping with me because he prevents me from getting crappy food that we really don't need to buy. Good for our wallets and my hips.

I feel pretty good saying that we're doing most of these already. #12 I highly recommend, I read Total Money Makeover from cover to cover no skipping anything. There are some great tools for getting out of debt and managing your finances in it.

No one person knows everything about everything so check out this list of diverse money bloggers. 

We are all about #24-26. I think I got these traits from my dad. Whenever we can have the windows and doors open that's what happens in our condo now! In addition to saving money it just feels so much nicer to have fresh air coming through your home. 

One piece of advice I keep seeing everywhere is to get secondary sources of income. I have my Pampered Chef business and now I've been totally addicted to Swagbucks. I'm not able to rack up as many points as some people each day but I'm almost to getting $100 giftcard of my choosing! Probably end up being Target since we shop there all the time and we're trying to be financially better : )

Since getting smart phones I've definitely acquired a multitude of deal type apps. I'm a HUGE fan of the Target Cartwheel app. You have to love stacking Target coupons, manufacturer coupons, Cartwheel deals and the 5% I save with my Target card. I also figured out that you can use both physical and coupons from the Michael's and Jo-ann apps even though they are the same coupon. 

What are your tried and true finance tips and tricks?
  1. I do Swagbucks and wind up getting a $5 Amazon gift card about every three months. I just am not willing to sign up for all that crap. However, I do Bing Rewards and get a $5 Starbucks gift card a month. You get points just for searching, which I have to do at work everyday. It's not a lot, but it helps fund my Starbucks habit :-) Here's my referral link if you want to join :-)

  2. I'm totally loving this! Groceries are a HUGE part of our budget and I've slowly over the last year cut that bill by 2/3! Your tips are really practical!! I've pinned your post!

  3. Our best grocery tip is to get 'seconds' from the farmer's market or any vegetable stands in your area. Then either make them into a meal you eat within 48 hours, or freeze within 48 hours (they usually look sad, and are at the peak of ripeness, so they will go bad soon). You can save a lot of money by not focusing on the convenience or appearance aspects of groceries. And good for you, working toward getting a good budget routine!