90's Boy Bands

Kids these days seem to think that this whole boy band thing with bands like One Direction ... well I can't think of any others worth mentioning since the current boy bands can't even begin to be worthy enough to hold the hair gel of the 90's boy bands.

Backstreet Boys
When it comes down to the kings of the boy bands I will have to admit Backstreet Boys definitely has my vote!! These fabulous Florida boys debuted in 1996 with their Backstreet Boys album. Following up with smash hit albums and my personal favorites Backstreet's Back and Millennium. It makes me so happy that they didn't just gone but that they've totally made a come back with the anniversary tour. 

Definitely the princes of the boy bands, even though BSB wins in my mind 'NSYNC was definitely a close second. Fun fact ... Chris Kirkpatrick narrowly missed out on being a part of BSB. Lucky for him Lou Pearlman was up for the idea of making another boy band. 

These brothers took the US by storm in 1997 with their debut album Middle of Nowhere and biggest hit, "MMMBop". Since then they've come out with new albums on a somewhat regular basis, much to the excitement of a few of my friends who are still extremely addicted to the long-haired Lotharios

I know that "When the Lights Go Out" was really their only hit but you really need to include them on any boy band list. This song was sooo big. I feel so rebellious listening to this song since it was pretty dirty for my little private school junior high self.

Headed up by cute brothers Nick and Drew Lachey

Not gonna lie LFO wasn't one of those boy bands I really cared about past enjoying their songs. I mean did anyone really care about the guys?

Boyz II Men
While BSB might be the kings they pale in comparison to the supreme amazinginess that is Boyz II Men. Kicking off their career in 1992 with their number one single "End of the Road", which stayed at number one for thirteen weeks. They are one of the top ranking bands when it comes to time spent at number one, and became the third artist/band ever to have one of their songs knock down their song that was number one. Even with all their huge hits Motown Philly will always be my favorite and I can't listen to it and not get up and dance!!

One big reason to miss the 90's is definitely the amazing boy bands! You really can't compare the ones today, not even close. Who was your favorite boy band? Where do you fall on the 'NSYNC v. Backstreet Boys battle? 
  1. Everybody was my fave song by BSB and I loved AJ singing it. Good Lord. Even now I still think he's hot as hell in this video.
    Other than Bye, Bye, Bye I can't remember the N-Sync song I liked. Yea I do now I remember. I want you Back! LOL
    And Hanson. I was a fan of them at age 13. I have a full container of nothing but Hanson books, magazines, posters and so much more still to this day. Even MOE mags and lots of CD's. I still even at age 30 know all the words to MMMBop and Where's the Love.
    Five - these guys rocked. They were awesome. I loved this song and another song. Sad I can't remember these songs but can remember them and all these bands.
    Oh 98 Degrees and LFO. Great groups and both great songs. Loved them too.
    That song by Boyz to Men I still love to jam out to and reminds me of the Full House episode where Stephanie's dance group danced to it.

    A girl after my own heart. I love old music and music that takes me back to great times. Times where I spent half my life in my room singing and listening to music and pen palling.

  2. LoL It cracks me up that kids today think that boy bands is something new. I hate to break it to them but it dates back decades! But the 90's were kings of the boy bands. I remember sitting with friends in the front yard and our "boom boxes" and creating dance moves to the latest songs. You'd copy down all the lyrics in notebooks to treasure. Oh how simple it was. What is strange is that the newer bands come and go in the blink of an eye yet these 90's kids keep popping up every now and then! And let's not forget the transition JT has made over the years to still today be a house hold name! I don't see One Direction doing much more than grabbing a$$ (literally!)

  3. Shut your mouth, I cared about LFO! My ringtone when I call Meredith is still Summer Girls.

  4. Who is LFO?? Never heard of them. But then, Boyz II Men was basically the soundtrack of every middle school and high school dance I went to. And that's a hard act to follow.
    Randomly, I once got a Christmas photo postcard from 'Nsync, signed by all of them. I hadn't even heard of the band before. I gave it to my brother's stepdaughter (who had a thing for Justin Timberlake), which was probably an idiot move....but that card changed my allegiance from Backstreet (whose CDs I still own) to 'Nysync (whose music I like better). :)