Five Things You Should Clean Right Now

Whenever we start that weekly cleaning of the house there are always spots that get overlooked. These are those odd places that you would never think to run a duster or rag over but in the end they are dusty and dirty just like everything else. 

1. Doors
If you don't have details like this on your doors then you can skip this one and go right to number two. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that a ton of dust had collected in the grooves ... ewww! Needless to say after that I went around to all out interior doors and took care of that issue.

2. Window sills
I don't know about anyone else but especially after keep our blinds closed most of the winter (thank you previous owner for having crappy windows!) I never really thought about cleaning our sills. Don't forget to care of the window and the wood part too. 

3. Top of high pieces of furniture
Out of sight out of mind right? My duster came back quite black after taking care of these spots. If you have allergies like Kevin and I do these are important places to make sure you catch since dust will really collect. 

 4. Tops of DVDs
Our DVDs are contained in a large bookcase piece of furniture. Since it's made for DVDs they fit perfectly into each little cubby hole and you don't really see the tops of the cases. Like the tops of furniture if you have a large collection of DVDs this can end up collecting a lot of dust and mess with your allergies even more. These guys are begging for a Swiffer duster to go through.

5. Kitchen Cabinets
Like their cousins, the doors, the beveled edge of kitchen cabinets can collect dust. Plus those within reach of the stove can accumulate unwanted splatter from over enthusiastic cooks. Most of those can be taken care of with a warm, damp paper towel. 

I challenge you to go check those spots and clean them quick! Then we can take off the rest of the weekend right? ; )
  1. Tops of door frames ;) John's little brother likes to leave things on top of people's door frames (like a penny) and see if it's still there when he comes back because most people never clean it. I'm the only person he's never gotten his change back from, because I clean them every week!

  2. I literally cleaned the doors, grooves and all, today before seeing this post! You are so right! Those places get neglected pretty easily, but they can become so gross after a while. Something I would add is the baseboards. As I was cleaning the doors, I noticed how awful the baseboards were. Oh, and then I noticed all the dust our air vent has been collecting. Needless to say, it turned from one thing to the next. lol! You definitely hit on a lot of places that commonly get overlooked.

  3. I'm the worst at the high furniture. I'm short and can never see it so I forget it's up there haha!

  4. Dust and I dont get along and when I do dust low and behold the sinsues get to running and all out of wack but I do it anyways. :(