10 Things Going On Lately

1.  Kevin's Grandma Glenn
Last week Kevin's grandma Glenn passed away. It's really sad because she was a lovely lady but the last couple of months, and especially the last couple of weeks, she was in a ton of pain. That's her on the right and my grandma on the left. 

2. Life has been crazy busy
Kevin is still working late most nights and I seem to have things going most nights plus most if not every weekend. Since things have been so busy it seems like everything else is falling by the wayside ugh! Including my attempts to get ahead with blogging. It's summer though and we can all take it a little easier in the summer right?

3. Summer fun
Not all of the things happening this summer have been serious things thank goodness. I've already managed to get out to two festivals and there will be more happening soon. 

4. Eddie Izzard
One of my favorite comedians finally had an American tour. I purchased tickets immediately months ago and it was crazy how fast the show came up! Kevin and I had dinner out at one of the restaurants his company was redoing the signs for and then enjoyed Eddie at the Chicago Theater.  

5. Disney Exhibit
Lucky for me the run got extended and we got to enjoy this amazing exhibit. Check out my full on review of the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit from a couple of weeks ago.

6. Exhibits Class
I was finally able to take a class for my certificate program! Some of what we've been going over in the class I have learned before but it's great to get things from another teachers perspective. The teacher is the head of exhibits for the Chicago History Museum and has worked in exhibits at a bunch of different high profile museums, including the Field Museum. Plus being at the Gleacher Center I get to enjoy some awesome views of my favorite city!

7. Kevin's 30th
The official party that was going to happen this past weekend was postponed since his parents were down in Arizona after Grandma Glenn passed away. We had a low key lunch with my family Sunday and cupcakes for days. 

8. New Hair Color
This was a while ago but I don't think I really shared it on here. 

9. $15,000 in Sales
I just hit a landmark sales number in my Pampered Chef business! After you hit 15k you earn a sterling silver necklace and a permanent raise in your commission. 

10. Spending lots of time with family!!
Even though things have been nuts lately it's been awesome to be able to spend more time with both our families and friends. Including time with the doggie nephew, even if he decides to get himself all wrapped up in the bushes. 
  1. So sorry about Kevin's Grandma.

    You have a lot going on! Summer is always juggle time, isn't it?

    Congratulations on $15k!

  2. my condolences for kevin's grandmother...looks like you have been plenty busy thou :)