Tunes on Tuesday: Disney Villians

I'm kicking of my month of Disney with some unexpected tunes ... Villains songs!! They're usually some of the more not so liked songs off Disney soundtracks but I always seem to really enjoy them. Maybe I'm a little evil inside hee hee : ) Here are my seven favorite in order of least evil to most. 

Mad Madame Mim from Sword in the Stone
Not many people seem to know The Sword and the Stone but it's definitely one of my favorites. It was one of those we recorded on VHS back in the dark ages and I wanted to watch it all the time. Honestly if it weren't for the words I would probably not think it's a villain's song. There is more to the song that gets a little more evil but overall it's pretty cheerful.

Poor Unfortunate Souls from Little Mermaid
One of the classic villain songs and probably the most well known. Now we're getting a little more evil in the entire song but overall Ursala keeps it in check or I'm sure Ariel would have swam for the hills.

The World's Greatest Criminal Mind from The Great Mouse Detective
This movie definitely falls through the Disney fan's cracks not many people have even heard of it. Ratigan just oozes villain from the first moment he opens his mouth, I guess it is pretty easy when you have Vincent Price voicing him though. Plus he's just a jerk the entire song, kicking people into fountains how rude!

Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations
The song itself isn't as creepy as it could be but oh man the entire time Cruella is in their house you just want to run away. She's like a jellyfish stinging with every comment and every move.

Savages from Pocahontas
Things might start off pretty calm but they soon escalate on both sides. In the span of four minutes they go from hanging out to war paint to war.

Be Prepared from Lion King
When the Lion King came out my best friend and I were obsessed with the sound track and we loved this song. We would dance around the house overacting and being just insanely over dramatic. Seriously though Scar turns the hyenas into Nazis in the course of about 10 seconds of the song. Pretty villainous!

Hellfire from Hunchback of Notre Dame
This song is just bad from start to finish. It's really the part of the movie where Frollo is descending into madness he's seeing Esmeralda in flames and is singing about damnation. Congrats Frollo on winning the most villainous and scary song!

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  1. I'm a disney fan but not a fan of these songs. to me these are bad songs LOL