Our Wedding Day

May 5, 2012 is definitely one of the best days of my life! The day dawned bright and warm. The ladies and myself started off the day at my parents house, having lunch and getting our hair done. My very talented hairdresser cousin, Dakota, was working her magic on me while the equally talented family friend, Megan, was working on my ladies. We all made sure our make up was ready to go and all the ladies were in their dresses, off we went the all of a block and a half to the church.

When we arrived the ladies were quickly rushed into the cry room behind the sanctuary since the guys were in the nursery by the doors. There may have been talks of ambushing the guys since we got wind that they had cooler toys to play with but we made do with the puppets and books pretty nicely.
Finally it was time!!! Everyone was sitting and the bridal party was all lined up. Dad and I walked around the corner and up to the back of the church. It's weird because I felt really nervous waiting out of sight but once we stepped to the doors and I could see Kevin it just dissipated. Kevin and I were married by a close family friend of ours, who Kevin had come to know through his few years of coming to our Saturday night tradition of church then dinner out. 

Thinking back on the ceremony it was somewhat a blur then all of a sudden we were married and attempting to figure out where everyone was supposed to sign on the license. The bridal party piled into the limo to head to Glendale Lakes Golf Club for photos and the reception.

Finally Kevin and I could relax and enjoy the evening. I wish I could say that's how things ended up but that's more for tomorrow's post. There were hilarious and tear jerking toasts given by my parents, the best man and my maid of honor, seriously I don't know how I can live up to the toast she gave me for her it was that awesome. Kevin and I were up and greeting family and friends while they somehow skipped our slices of cake, I'm still not totally convinced that the maid of honor and best man didn't swipe them!

Then it was time to dance the night away!! People were having a ball with our playlist and went nuts with the photobooth. My family initiated Kevin into the family by pulling him into the middle of a Schmidt circle and singing the family song ... all while I was in the bathroom! There was even a synchronized (but in reality totally unplanned) dance circle around Kevin and myself during our last song.  All in all it was a lovely day : )

  1. awwww sounds like a great day. What a wonderful way to welcome Kevin into your family. It's moments like that you remember for ever and look back on and laugh about. The pics are great. A photobooth at a wedding. Never thought of that.



  2. Lovely pictures! It looks like the perfect night. Happy (early) anniversary! x

  3. This is so sweet! Happy anniversary! You look beautiful, and I love the bridesmaid dresses. Looks like it was a wonderful day!