Our Magical Honeymoon

So it was brought to my attention by a friend of mine (not a blogger friend) that she was a bit confused why all of a sudden it has been all Disney all the time here. May is Disney month!!! I love Disney so much I couldn't just do a few posts here and there I decided to do an entire month : )

Kevin and I were extremely blessed to have been given our honeymoon hotel stay to us by good family friends, who just happen to be Disney Vacation Club members. We got to spend a week staying at the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge. Needless to say we are now really spoiled! It was the most amazing place.

Every Disney hotel has a theme, at the Wilderness Lodge the theme is sort of north woods and American west meet. When we stepped off the airport shuttle and walked into the massive five story open main lobby it took our breath away. There is wood and iron workings everywhere, the main lobby even has a little stream running through it to outside with a small bridge. Obviously the main lobby is the perfect place for photo opportunities! Everyone we encountered at the hotel was amazing and extremely helpful. After I figured out what all the concierge was able to assist us with including changing around our reservations, answering any totally random question my brain would come up with or just anything we needed in general they were my new best friends.

Since we were staying an entire week we decided to only visit each park once or hop. That would cut down on buying more tickets plus we had something else big we wanted to spend the money on ... a fishing excursion. Through my months of looking at every single page of information on the Disney website (seriously I look at everything and I still go back now and look, gotta plan for the next trip right?) I had found out that through Disney you could book a two or four hour guided trip on the Seven Seas Lagoon or Bay Lake right there on the property! It was incredible, they drove the boat, provided all the gear and directed you in the best ways to catch fish in Florida. We soon found out it was a little bit different than we were used to in Wisconsin. Even though it was different both of us came out with some great catches. I caught the three fish but they were the biggest and Kevin landed fifteen! He still is somewhat miffed I caught the biggest one though.

Kevin enjoyed it so much he ended up booking another excursion. I did not join him on that one, I went at got a massage at the Sturdy Branches Health Club, which is on the Wilderness Lodge property. There are fancy scmancy spas at Disney but our family friends suggested looking into the health clubs or fitness centers located at some of the hotels since they would be significantly cheaper. She was right! It was pretty amazing and I even fell asleep during part of it. 

One of the things I was most looking forward to was getting pictures with all of the characters! I know it seems a little lame but I can't help it. I think I was able to get one with almost every princess too. There are a couple that I missed but I guess that just means we will have to go back again ... really soon ... 

The food at Disney is probably the one thing that Kevin will rave about to anyone who brings up Disney. Since we were on our honeymoon and didn't want to nickle and dime the trip we decided to do one of the dining plans. Boy we are still so happy we did! The deluxe dining plan allowed us to do a casual lunch and really nice dinner at tons of places. We ate like kings for the entire week at places like Cat Cora's Kouzzina and Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. I wish I had taken more photos of the beautiful plates that we had, some of them were almost works of art.  

Most people think that Disney is just for kids and that everything there will be really childish but this was a wonderful and magical trip. One we won't be forgetting any time soon that's for sure!
  1. Now I am mad. and what do they feed their fish. they are huge and i need not say why I'm mad. :(

    *storms off on magic carpet*

  2. Awesome. I'd love go on a honeymoon to Disney :) x