Hindsight is 20/20

Like so many situations in life our wedding is no different there were definitely things I would have done differently looking back on it now. These are the things I wish I could go back and change.

- The week of our wedding I started taking a new medication and later in the week was having stomach issues because of it. That's probably my biggest regret. Since I was taking that medication throughout the evening I ended up in the restroom or out on the back patio getting air because I didn't feel well. Even now I feel terrible that I didn't get to greet everyone, eat any of our dinner or dance with friends and family as much as I wanted to.

Kevin assures me that for one of our big anniversaries we can have another big party and invite everyone again. That's one reason I love him so much!!

- We decided on the advice of the photographer and the cost to have them not take photos the last two hours of the evening. They did check with me before heading out and I debated with myself for a while but decided not to have them stay. I wish I had them stay since the end of the night I was feeling much better and was actually out on the dance floor enjoying everything.

- When we booked the photobooth one of the options was to have a scrapbook and give people the second copy of their photo strips to put into the book. Well since we also were going to get a disc of all the photos we didn't feel like we needed that option. Unfortunately I got a phone call while we were on our honeymoon that like most electronics sometimes things become corrupted and it lost all our photos. It was definitely upsetting but we were able to get a number of our family and friends to scan their photo strips and email them to us. Not as many as we had hoped but at least we got some!

- I wish we would have taken a little more time with the schedule. After the ceremony and between getting to the reception I felt like there was this need to rush and get the photos taken care of at the church. Kevin and I didn't even get one with just the two of us at the church!

- This one might seem crazy but I wish I had researched more. I wasn't really aware of Pinterest at this point and didn't really want to get involved with so I missed out on wonderful and beautiful ideas that I would have loved to implement in our wedding, especially with the photos. If I had researched more I would have been able to plan out those things a little bit more which would have been nice.

All in all no matter what I want to change our wedding was wondering because I married the guy I love and all of our family and friends were there to celebrate with us. That in itself makes the day perfect.

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