Tunes on Tuesday: Wedding Playlist

One of the most important parts of our wedding reception was the song playlist. Most people think it's weird to spend as much time as we did on it or to stipulate that the deejay play only our selections. After being to weddings, events and bars where the deejay ends up playing crap songs that scare people off the dance floors Kevin and I vowed our dance song selections would be the best!

It was our goal to make sure that everyone had a great time, not just our friends and not just my grandma. So when we started making out list we would check with people to see what they thought of a song and there were definitely changes made after our panels were consulted. There were also some instances where I ended up having to veto some of Kevin's choices too ... sorry sweetie no you may not have seven disco songs!

While the entire list is waaaaay too long to share right now here are some of our must haves for our wedding playlist.

Beer Barrel Polka
This one is a two for one song being German you have to at least one polka and the fact that this is part of the Valpo fight song obviously that's getting played! Seriously though a dry campus school with that as part of the fight song? How did that happen?

Stand By Me by Ben E. King
I feel like this song is always one of those under appreciated oldie's love songs. It's one of my favorites and it was totally a wedding must play for me even before I met Kevin! I may or may not make Kevin slow dance to it with me in our living room every now and then ...

Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees
See I was nice and gave Kevin one disco song! We must have gone through dozens of disco songs for the right one that we thought people would actually enjoy dancing to. There really are some disco tunes that just are NOT dance tunes haha.

Sweet Home Chicago by The Blues Brothers
Any Chicagoian worth their salt has this song on their wedding playlist. Pretty sure it's also mandatory for all Chicago area deejays to play it during their sets.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John
It was really difficult picking a Disney song to include on the playlist. I didn't want to pick one that was so obviously Disney and would just be weird, so that meant anything from the Sleeping Beauty soundtrack was out. Then we remembered the whole romantic ballads of the 90's & 2000's being sung by big stars! Duh! What better choice than a Elton John singing Lion King?! That's right nothing is better!

In My Head by Jason Derulo
The end of the night was chock full of more recent dance hits. This was one Stache was doing for forever that Kevin actually still likes. Plus one that my friends and I love so it was a natural choice.

We had such a diverse wedding playlist you could tell everyone really enjoyed themselves all night. It was great to hear months after how much people enjoyed the dancing and music at our wedding!
  1. I think everyone spends alot of time on their play list. Heck I already know what song I want played for when me and my dad dance at my wedding. When that time comes and it feel in the near future since I have a great guy I can see myself being with forever. Isn't it great to find someone who you connect with and have a such a special bond with that only you two get.

  2. How fun! My brother just got married (5/3) and they also worked hard on their playlist...including, during the cake cutting, "Still Alive" (from the Portal game soundtrack)! They're such geeks. :)
    And I love that you had a polka in there!