Tunes on Tuesday: Top 10 Hair Metal Songs

Hair metal is one of those genres of music where you either love it and think it's the most amazing thing in the world or you hate it and want to poke people's eyes out when you hear it played at baseball stadiums. Yeah "Don't Stop Believing" I'm talking about you! Obviously I am one of those people who LOVES hair metal. I'm not sure what exactly makes me love it so much but I do. Like most genres of music there are songs that you just need to have on that playlist or else it's not really complete. So here are not only my top 10 favorites but also the top picks you really need to make sure are on your hair metal play list!

Here I Go Again by Whitesnake
I'm not sure when exactly my obsessive love for this song started, probably somewhere between my third and fourth internships and second project position. Since I went through at that crazy with trying to get what seemed like my entire life going for years it just speaks to me and empowers me. If you don't feel like taking over the world by the end of the song replay it and try again.

Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses
Obviously there has to be a Guns N Roses song on this list or it wouldn't be complete and I know some people might say Sweet Child is the cliche song to pick. It was a tight race with Welcome to the Jungle. You just can't get anymore hair metal than the guitar solo in Sweet Child though, it's just so goooood!

No One Like You by Scorpions
Yes I know Rock You Like Hurricane is way more popular but No One Like You is my favorite Scorpions song.

Jukebox Hero by Foreigner
I was never a huge fan of this song until just a couple of years ago when I saw Rock of Ages. The way they covered the song in the movie was awesome so I decided to give the original another try ... or 10 ... I think Kevin wanted to kill me after I played it so many times haha. 

Jump by Van Halen
Jump is definitely the most cliche and obvious Van Halen pick but you can't help but really enjoy the song. Seriously you can't be sitting at your computer right now listening to it and tell me you're not itching to stand up and jump? If you do you're totally lying and I'm calling you on it!! It's all I can do right now not to get up and bounce around our living room.

Shadows of the Night by Pat Benatar
While this song isn't quite a hair metal song per se I think it's close enough that we're going to count it today. When I listen to this song it gives me the same crazy awesome feeling that other hair metal songs do.  

You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi
This was an incredibly hard choice for me since Bon Jovi had so many awesome hits in the 80's. You Give Love A Bad Name has some inside jokes behind it so that's why it ultimately won the three way tie. Bad Medicine and Livin' On A Prayer should definitely be on your hair metal playlist too.

Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
Same thing with Def Leppard and their oh so many awesome tunes. You really can't go wrong with Pour Some Sugar On Me since everyone always knows this song it's a good transition song for those people who aren't huge hair metal fans. Get them hooked and dancing to this one and then hit them with the rest of the awesomeness.

I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister
Really what else is there to say? Pretty sure Dee said it best : )

Cum On Feel The Noize by Quiet Riot
I just love the energy that this song puts out. This is a great pump you up for your work out song. Seriously try it.

Now that I've started off your hair metal play list with my favorite 10 tunes feel free to keep adding to it because seriously this barely scratched the surface of hair metal amazingness. What's your favorite hair metal tune?
  1. I really liked Kiss Me Deadly from Lita Ford.

  2. When I saw you had Whitesnake in your post AND had an appreciation for history and museums, I followed immediately :)

    1. Yay! Thanks for following and I hope you check out some of my older posts, lots of fun stuff!