Tunes on Tuesday: Country Songs I Actually Like

You might not have noticed this yet on my Tunes on Tuesday posts but I don't include any country songs. For the most part I do NOT like country. I'm not sure what it is about the music but I just don't like it. Over the years a few songs have slipped through cracks and have ended up on my playlist from the country genre. Here are the few, the proud ... the only country songs I actually really like!

Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show
Like many a song I was introduced to this one by 'Stache. After they started playing it in their rock/country style I just had to get the original to listen to all the time (much to Kevin's delight of course) and I was super excited about the Old Crow Medicine Show version since it has an old timey 1930's folk feel to it more so than a straight up country feel.

Man I Feel Like A Woman by Shania Twain
My freshman year of high school in color guard we did our competition season program to this song. It's definitely a sentimental favorite. Pretty sure my mom and I listened the the album with this song on it hundreds of times.

Jolene by Dolly Parton
I find this song almost hauntingly pretty. She sounds so desperate asking Jolene to leave her man alone. Plus can it get anymore awesome than that outfit and hair? Dolly you're fabulous.

Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks
What person who grew up in the 90's doesn't like this song? I think it's a requirement or something.

Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy by Big And Rich
I know this song is terrible but I love it! It's so fun and upbeat. This song did make it on to our wedding play list too. Can't help it if it's a good dance tune.

The Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels Band
Love this song! The violin part is killer. Makes me want to pull mine out from storage and learn this song.

Amazed by Lonestar
I know I've talked about this one before so I won't bore you. Just enjoy : )

So see everyone gives me grief and says I'm not open to new things and I should just give country a try. I do and I just have particular tastes and most of the time they run 90's that's all haha. I might regret asking but any suggestions on other country songs I might enjoy?
  1. Yep, I can't talk to you. Country is the best! I like Wagon Wheel, Friends in Low Places, and Devil Went Down to Georgia, but they aren't my favorites.

  2. I love country songs. Esp old songs like Jolene. they are the best :D