Top 10 Girl Power Movies

Girl power movies are right up there with how much I love romantic comedies ... a lot! You might think that most of these should be under the rom com genre but I beg to differ. For me it boils down to the one big difference of if the female lead didn't get the guy (and in some cases doesn't) she still rocked the entire movie.

Easy A
When this one first came out I knew I would enjoy it but I didn't realize it would turn into one of those movies I would watch over and over again. Olive helping the underdogs like she does and then when people start to judge her not taking any of that crap is awesome. Makes me wish I could have been more "don't take no crap from nobody" when I was in high school.

She's the Man
Viola is so focused on achieving her goals and getting her dreams that she's going to do what it takes! Even if it means doing things like impersonating her brother, who is also off pursuing his dreams. It's also great how Toby, the hot soccer player, is totally in to Eunice with all her wacky quirks the entire movie. Eunice has all the killer girl power moves going on.
Legally Blonde
Any girl worth her salt knows the fabulous girl power vibes coming from this movie! It's quite inspiring to see someone who only thinks she can succeed is with a guy realize she's amazing all on her own.

Sydney White
Can you tell I enjoy Amanda Bynes? Before she went cray cray most of her lead roles were of strong girls who know who they are and don't take crap from anyone. Based on Snow White, Sydney looses herself for a while but ends up just where she should be and helps the school.

Both versions of Hairspray are killer girl power movies. Tracy wants to dance on TV and makes it happen, while doing so gets her mom into the currant decade and integrates an entire city!

One of the best BFF movies out there! This movie shows how a friendship should be tons of fun, crazy things happening all the time, and even though you go through hard times in the end you're always there for each other.

Ella Enchanted
This was one of those movies where it made a big splash because it was based off a popular book or maybe it was just a favorite in our household since my mom is a librarian. I feel like

Bend It Like Beckham
For some reason I seem to have a soccer theme going on here today. Obviously soccer is an empowering women kind of sport! Bend it Like Beckham isn't just a pursuing your dreams kind of movie it's a growing up and getting your parents to accept you and your passions type one as well.

Charlie's Angles
I mean really do we need to say anymore than Cameron, Lucy and Drew totally kicking bad guy ass? Oh and looking oh so stylish and fabulous while doing so. For years I wanted my hair to look exactly like Drew's in this movie, love it!

All About Steve
Yes the whole premise of the movie is that she's chasing a guy (I'd probably chase Bradley Cooper too!) but along the way she finds herself and does some amazing things like rescuing a little girl from the collapsed mine.

What's your favorite girl power film?
  1. I've never seen "All about steve" but I agree with all these other ones. Also I miss old Amanda Bynes. x

  2. She's the Man sounds like a remake of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Hrmmm....My favorite girl power movie is "To Wong Fu, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar". It's just empowering for everyone. :)

  3. I never get tired of watching Legally Blonde! Elle Woods is just the best.