Our engagement

Coming up in a week is Kevin and my second wedding anniversary so I thought I would devote this week to those wedding posts I've been promising for at least a year now!

Let's travel back all the way to April 14, 2011 ...

A few days before Kevin's mom and I were planning on getting together that Thursday (April 14) for some shopping. I had a meeting that morning and would head on up after. That day dawned bright and nice outside, my meeting ended up ending really quickly and I decided to just head straight up to Palatine. I figured if she wasn't ready yet I could just hang out and check my email or something.

I get into Kevin's neighborhood and then park in front of his house while I finish up a conversation with my Dad on how the meeting went. All of a sudden I notice that Kevin is coming out of his parent's house with his arms flailing ... to Dad "why is Kevin at his parents house?" "why does he look so angry?"

After his bluster calmed down for a minute and he was finally not doing his gibberish words he finally spit out that "I was early!" You must know that I ended up being 40 minutes earlier than the decided on time. Again I just figured I could hang out while Kevin's mom finished getting ready.
I then noticed he was hiding something behind his back ... Tangled! I was so excited since I had asked for it for my birthday, which was only five days away.

He was so discouraged that I was early and was refusing to show me what his plan was and he was so excited because he had actually listened to me and planned something. Finally I was able to convince him to take me through it even though it wasn't really ready. So starting off he had gotten his mom to write a note that would be on the front door telling me to come on in. I would walk in and see something right in the foyer which was supposed to lead me to his old bedroom which was supposed to lead me to the living room then to the bathroom. At each stop there was a little thing or gift. Finally I was supposed to be led back to the foyer where Kevin was supposed to be hiding in the front closet and would pop out when I was back.

Until probably the last stop of the scavenger I was still under the impression that it was something he was doing for my birthday. Then when were in the foyer he got down on one knee and said some amazing things (honestly I have no idea what they are, all I remember is being so excited and happy!) and opened up the ring box. It might seem a little weird for him to be proposing to me in his parents foyer but that's where we met in person for the first time. So it only makes sense right!? Oh I said yes by the way : )