Free For All: Annoying Celebs

Celebrities are probably one of the most consistently annoying things to me, besides certain people I know in real life of course. It feels like lately there are certain ones that just keep bugging the crap out of me. It's like everything they do I just go "UGH go away!"

Miley Cyrus
First off that whole thing with you and the 23 song wearing Jordan's jersey makes me and probably every other person in Chicago want to punch you in the face. You're not good enough to wear that number!! I used to actually respect and somewhat like her and her music. She's a good singer and then had to go and ruin it all with this bad girl routine. I don't get why she can't just continue to make good music that everyone can enjoy instead of trying to prove she's all that all while alienating the very demographic that made her a celeb in the first place. Dumb!

Justin Bieber
Oh look it's like a deja vu all over again! Not going to lie I can't wait until you just fade away. Again with trying to be all hardcore and tough, you live in a gated community in LA, sorry but I don't buy it. Also this whole mustache thing you've been trying lately is terrible and you look like a creeper just no.

Lady Gaga
I feel like lately she's totally gone off the deep end with her fashion. Is it really necessary? Well I guess it might be since it's been a little while since she's done anything of note. Girlfriend get back to making good songs like "Just Dance" and "Bad Romance" don't worry so much about being weird and whatnot.

Where to even start with these two. First off I actually kinda like Kim when I watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians ... most of the time at least. In the beginning she seems kinda ditzy but nice for the most part. I know you'd think I'd be on team Kanye since he is from Chicago but again he seems to have taken an extra helping of crazy lately. Ranting about everything, demanding that Kim be in X, Y, and Z. I'm not sure anyone understands what you say when you open your mouth. Also this video is so beyond ridiculous! Her hair is blowing in the completely wrong direction the entire time! Pretty sure someone needs to get fired.

There are so many celebs but these guys really take the cake for me. What celeb really grinds your gears?

  1. Kim is definitely annoying, have to agree.
    Great post!!


  2. You definitely nailed this one on the head there darlin. They would all fit under the category of they need to fall off the face of the earth and never show up again. I mean, dont get me wrong there's a few songs I like of Miley's but I dont have to sit and watch her sing this and watch her grind up on some old guy and then the other day i realized that I do believe I'm older than Lady Gaga and I thought she was old from the way she looks. That's beyond ridiculous. Dont get me started on the Bieber deal. He needs to go some where. and Kayne West....well never liked him since that whole Taylor Swift deal. He's a jerk.

  3. I like Miley, but I must admit she could be annoying sometimes. Lady Gaga is so weird and annoying now. I used to like her very much at the beginning of her career though. I don't care much about Kim and Kanye. What is Kim's job again? There are many annoying celebs but I think the WORST of the worst is Bieber. Horrible! I can't believe this guy is actually famous.

  4. gwenyth paltrow, kanye west, taylor swift, drake, justin bieber just needs to go away!!

  5. SO. SPOT. ON. I absolutely despise all of these celebs, but I have to disagree with her being tolerable on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I find her insanely ridiculous and annoying on that show and she's even a pretentious asshole to her family! I cannot wait for the day that her and Kanye are completely irrelevant.