Tunes on Tuesday: My CD Collection

One right of passage of any adult in their late twenties to early thirties is the start of their CD collections. I can remember getting my first CD, Robyn is Here by Robyn. It was so popular and everyone at my school was raving about it so obviously I needed it.

Listening to it now again it just reminds me so much of seventh grade and moving back here to Illinois. Being the "new" kid back at my old school. The cool CD with it's one small design of the "R". It was great.

Soon after awesome albums like The Party Album! by the Vengaboys and Jock Jams found their way into my collection. Followed by acquisitions from an accidental Columbia Records membership of Sugar Ray, Blink-182, Eiffel 65 and Will Smith's current albums.

What happened to Mark McGrath? I feel like he's a host on some reality TV show or something? Maybe?

Looking through my collection it's amazing to see how much of a "lazy" collector I was. Instead of being a music purist and buying the artists album I was all about the soundtracks and compilations. Charlie's Angels, Never Been Kissed, the Wedding Singer and the Now CDs just to name a few. Kevin on the other hand probably has every single album by artists he enjoyed.

Since music has been changing formats the past few years it's also very telling to see the drop off of actual purchased CDs and even CDs at all recently. Honestly I think the last album I actually purchased was a 5th Dimension one when they played a festival a couple years ago. Which is the height of irony considering they are an oldies band!!

Maybe now that the trend of vinyl is coming back into fashion I will be acquiring more for my collection soon. Who knows, maybe there will be some other type of media that will pop up and take over. Hopefully not! Let's all band together and decide that the vintage appeal of CDs and digital is more than enough!

Yup I own and spent money to buy this CD!
  1. I love the c'mon ride the train - song.

  2. Wow!! Jock Jams, now that brings back memories..Hahaha...

  3. I have wondered what happened to Mark McGrath too! I thought he was hosting a late night show, but I could be wrong on that one.