Pretty Little Beauty Swap

SO I'm a little late to the link up game with Southern Beauty Guide's Pretty Little Beauty Swap but I wanted to share anyways : )

I was paired up with the fabulous Krista over at Kristie's Blue Jeans. It was great getting to know her. We decided straight off that getting to know people through these swaps is always awkward for the first couple of emails. She is a huge nail polish fan, doesn't leave home without her rosewater balm from C.O. Bigelow and like me isn't a huge fan of wearing yellows. 

Krista hooked me up with some fabulous beauty swag. I'm totally loving the Nivea Creme. Tried out the Wet & Wild lipstick today, I love how silky smooth it goes on but I think I have to play with the amount though. I put it on really thick at first and got a little clown going on haha. Blotted a few times and we were good to go!

 I haven't used the Body shop items yet but they smell divine. Is it sad that I'm very excited about the little loofah? It's a perfect travel size guy. I don't know why you can't find them more often in a smaller size, it really is quite handy. Super excited to have some new polish colors to add to my collection. 
Head over to Southern Beauty Guide to check out some more of the swaps that went down. 

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