Humorous History

Most people tend to find history really boring. It was the classes they slept through in school or even skipped all together. I on the other hand think history can actually be quite funny and even downright hilarious if you look at the right moment or look at it in the right context.

I love all the Keanu memes, mostly because they're of him as Ted and I always picture him saying what's on said meme in the Ted voice and it's hilarious. Seriously though just think about it for a moment. Every. Single. Greek statue was a victim of Medusa .... 

When you compare what we do now to what they were doing then it really doesn't make all the selfies we take seem so bad does it? Although I will admit some people do take the whole selfie thing to the extreme. Can you imagine King Henry's instagram today? That would be the most scandalous thing ever! 

Being Lutheran and a history nerd I find this hilarious on multiple levels, which I love!

Note to self don't mess with English kings. Not only is there a good chance they'll chop off your head they always win when you play games!

Look on the bright side you might do dumb things but at least they're not "Roman Emperor sending his army to stab water" dumb!  

Gotta love a little witch trial humor! Or gallows humor if you prefer .... : D

There is so much history humor to love in this tumblr thread it's great! 

So like I said history is freaking hilarious! 

  1. Oh my gosh. These are freakn brilliant!

  2. hahaha renaissance selfies. Love.

  3. This is awesome! As you know, I'm a huge history nerd and these are hilarious. I love the Hans Holbein "selfie" of Henry VIII.

  4. I love history! Same bad decisions, different tools. That Lutheran one is killing me. :D