Free For All Friday: Gidget

If you haven't come to realize this about me yet, I tend to be an old soul type of person and it definitely shows up in my likes. I love the Beatles (although who doesn't), I love reading about really old things, and my taste in old movies like Gidget

For those of you who have never heard the term Gidget before it's your lucky day! Back in the late 50's Gidget was a character was created by author Frederick Kohner in his book Gidget, Little Girl Big Problems. He based her off his daughter, Kathy, and her exploits in the Malibu surf culture. After that first book seven sequels were made along with three movies. Somewhere during my childhood I encountered said movies and totally fell in love with them.

Gidget, the first of the three films, stars Sandra Dee, James Darren and Cliff Robertson as the three lead charactersFrancie/Gidget (Sandra Dee) is your typical tomboy, develops much later than the other girls type of girl. During a man-hunt to the beach and a daring rescue by Moondoggie/Jeff (James Darren) on surf board she is in love with the sport of surfing and Moondoogie. Getting a board, teaching herself how to surf and making friends with all the guys, who fondly nickname her Gidget (Girl + Midget = Gidget). After some crazy escapades involving multiple attempts to get Moondoggie's attention, including an attempt to become a woman with the much older Big Kahuna (Cliff Robertson). I don't want to give away the surprise ending but it's definitely a fun one!        

Next up in the supposed trilogy is Gidget Goes Hawaiian. An obvious location for the surf obsessed crew, this film sees a new red headed Gidget (Deborah Walley) and her parents head off to Hawaii after being wrongly encouraged to go by her than boyfriend Jeff. Obviously he should know that he should say Gidget should stay in Malibu. Silly boy what was he thinking? After meeting some new friends on the plane including the conniving Abby (Vicki Trickett), Gidget is still pining for Jeff. Her well meaning father gets him to fly out and chaos ensues. Gidget and Jeff are annoyed at each other, Gidget flirts with one of the other boys, Jeff flirts with Abby, Jeff is concerned when Gidget takes a tumble on the water skis, Gidget stays out all night and so much other drama it will make your head spin! Like most movies from this time everything ends well and everyone is friends again.      

In the third and final movie Gidget Goes to Rome she persuades her parents to let her go on a trip with her friends and the boys, chaperoned by one of the boy's aunts and her fun dogs. After arriving Jeff starts to fall for their bombshell tour guide and an old war time pal of Gidget's father turns up to keep an eye on her (asked by her father of course!). As they take in the sites, which include multiple day dreams and messes by Gidget, everyone seems to be having a grand old time. Although Gidget ends up biting off more than she can chew with a 'Dolce Vita' cocktail party and falling in love with a much older man. As usual though things end up just as they should be : )

These movies might be a little tame compared to ones these days but they are full of humor and fun. I would definitely recommend heading to your local library and picking up one of the movies or if you're really committed it's only $13 on Amazon for all three. Of course I already have the complete set  and it's totally worth the investment : )   
  1. I LOVE GIDGET. The first time I ever saw it was when I was in grade 7 or 8 and I was battled some crazy insomnia so I turned on the TV and was about to turn it to the shopping channel (it totally lulls me to sleep) when I saw this adorable little blonde on a surf board. I hadn't noted what the movie was and for years I had no idea what it was called until I saw it on TV again about 3 years later. Love love love.

  2. GIDGET!
    My great aunt introduced me. c: