Bloggy Business: What To Do When You're Stuck?

Getting stuck is the one thing that seems to happen to everyone from the blogger just starting out to the person paid to do it professional. Trust me if it hasn't happened to you yet it will! Everyone approaches this mental block a little bit differently too. Here are some of my favorite things to do when I'm stuck.

Back away from the computer
This is an issue I have not only with blogging but sometimes with work, I'm doing a lot of computer work. If I've been working on an issue or post and the thoughts just aren't working right and I find after 10 minutes I'm aimless clicking between windows I realize I just need a break! When I finally realize this is what's going on I get up from where ever I am and go do another task for a bit, wash some dishes, annoy Kevin or just use the restroom. Giving your over worked and scattered brain even a five minute rest can help clear things up.

Try Something New
Sometimes it's not a mental issue it's the fact that you just ran out of all your good ideas. If that's the case try a something new! It could be anything, a new type of craft, go to a new restaurant, heck even try out a new vegetable you've never eaten before.

Start a List
I've found that working on my 101 list has been an awesome thing. Doesn't have to be as big as a 101 list. Start working on a Summer Bucket list or a list of items you want to accomplish before your next birthday. Not only do I have interesting topics to write on but I actually feel like I'm accomplishing life goals I've had for a while now. It's an awesome feeling to just be able to enhance my own life by working on those goals.

Start a Series  
No I do not mean start re-watching the entire series of Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix instant. I mean start a series on your blog. It could be a weekly series, like my Tunes on Tuesday or it could be a topic you write on all month, like my Disney Month coming up. Take a subject you love and break it down into specific topics. Take music for example on my Tunes on Tuesday I've written about my CD collection, my weird taste in music and specific bands I like such as Smashing Pumpkins.

Look Back
Go back through your old posts. Maybe there is a post where you didn't quite talk enough about this one subject or you see where you could have branched out another way but didn't. You'd be surprised how much inspiration you could find just looking back at your own writing.

Sometimes maybe the best thing for you at the moment is to just stop for a little bit because you're just entirely too burnt out on it. Blogging should be fun and enjoyable, if it's not then it's just really become another chore. I will admit some days it is a chore but I know, especially since I've planned out my topics, that if I don't write about the enjoyable topic I picked for the day I'm going to be really annoyed with myself! That means I'm just being a lazy bum that day and I need to snap out of it!

What helps you get unstuck?
  1. Going through old pictures helps me think of an idea or story I want to share. But I agree, stepping away from the computer and just living life is really important.

    1. That's a great idea too! I should do that with some of my older photos I've been scanning.

  2. Good ideas! I keep a list of ideas in a notebook that I've had for potential blog posts when I am stuck! x

  3. I love all these ideas.. blogging can suck you in for sure. It's tough to get back to "reality."

  4. Great tips! I get stuck a lot, so these suggestions are definitely going to help:) Hope you had a great weekend!