About Me: Pin Me

It's so amazing how there are so many memes and pins that can so accurately describe me. Sometimes it'a almost down right scary since you know someone else put it there to begin with and that means you're not the only one!! In the effort to share more about me personally I thought I'd share some of the ridiculous pins that oh so perfectly describe me. I have way to many on my About Me board but what can I say I'm a complex person with some complex weirdness going on! I'm really hoping that I'm not the only one with some of these too : )
Yup exactly. The 90's are also only about 10 years ago too ... right????

 Every. Single. Time. I literally just did this at Kevin's parents house last night. Their basement light is at the bottom of the stairs (terrible idea!) and I had to get something of ours from our storage area. So much running and shutting eyes. 

 I will also go out of my way for that crunchy looking leaf as well. 

 Just ask Kevin : D
 I obviously have issues with the dark and being alone. I'm working on them

Obviously doing it this way is waaaaaaaaay more fun too. 

We all know you have to press harder to make the character jump higher or whatever duh! This is why I'm nervous for our all day video game marathon. My fingers might fall off!!

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  1. Hahaha I just did the phone on the floor reach last night. It would have been infinitely easier to just get out of bed and get it but... I think of it like it's yoga!