Pinterest Makes Snow Days Fun!

Thanks to today being President's day (I had the day off) and because it's been snowing non-stop since like 8:30 I've spent the entire day all nice warm in our condo instead of running all the errands I had planned. To amuse myself today there was plenty of cleaning and catching up on my Vanderpump Rules but probably what I've done the most of today is taking in the humor section on Pinterest.

It was an especially good day where one after the other was just spot on and hilarious. Since it's Monday and we can all use a pick me up on Monday why not?

Did You ever
I actually sort of got to do this today! Although the old person in me only let me sleep for another 20 minutes. 

diet spoon-hope it works better than  forks for dieting

This fascinated me as a kid (and now haha)

One size fits ALL - Y U NO FIT ME??? :))

Why is this a "teenager post"? I didn't develop a solid sense of hatred for humaninty until my 20's.

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