Favorite Childhood Movies

Looking back at your childhood you can always remember some of your favorite things, books, music, toys, and movies. Thinking back I can definitely remember a few of my own favorites! Some were just a good time and some definitely had more of an effect on my life.

I just did a whole post professing my love of Labyrinth so I won't bore you again : ) It is one of my favorite childhood movies though.

Chipmunks Big Adventure

This is one of those movies I can remember watching over and over again. Like most of our movies this was one that we taped off the TV. It's so funny that even now I can hear the opening credit song the way it was on the tape, sort of messed up because you didn't start recording early enough but then going into perfectly clear music. If you haven't seen Chipmunks Big Adventure you really need to. It's got everything a whirlwind world tour, great songs, the Chipettes, an evil villianess in totally 80's power suits and even a cute baby penguin. Those are just a couple of the highlights from this amazing kids movie!

Rock a Doodle

I can remember when this movie came out as a kid, I was enthralled that a kid who was transformed into a kitten could save this fantasy world in his book. The Grand Duke of Owls and all his henchmen always freaked me out too. I mean come on, doesn't he look so evil? I know you're right there with me on this one. 

It's weird to say this but if any one children's movie had a profound affect on my childhood it was definitely Pocahontas. My grandma had this old shed where we tore down the wooden upper part but left the bottom cinder block walls and concrete floor, after we saw Pocahontas we started to research anything relating to Native American culture. We gave ourselves authentic names (at least we thought they were!), if we had learned how they did a certain day to day task we would pretend to do things in that manner. For years we would play that way, making little fire pits, gathering items to be stored in our shed/wigwam. Looking back it's amazing how long we were fixated and all because of a Disney movie!

Phantom Tollbooth

This is probably one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time. It's a little known movie made in the 1970's based on the book The Phantom Tollbooth. For me the book is always better than the movie but honestly this one definitely comes reaaaaaally close, at least I think it does. The cartoon style in which the movie is made was super popular during the 70's, most people are more familiar with Rikki-tikki-tavi as opposed to the Phantom Tollbooth

Fairy Tale Theatre

So in the 1980's Shelley Duvall got all of her friends together and did a made for TV series that retold popular fairy tales. When I say friends I mean ... , and  to name just a couple because the list goes on and on. The half hour long tales are rich creations that tell each story with just the right amount of detail. The best part about them is adults can enjoy them as well since it's not dumbed down for the audience, a couple months ago Kevin asked me about the set of dvds and since then we've been watching an episode about once a week and he loves them. It does crack us up to see certain stars acting in such different roles but the tales are told so lovely it doesn't matter. A lot of the episodes can be found in their entirety on YouTube ... just saying ... 

3 Ninjas
Any 90's kid worth their salt knows of and loves the movie 3 Ninjas. I loved all the ridiculous 90's martial art movies but this one was definitely the top of the heap. Who wouldn't love three young boys kicking total butt! I feel like I have this theme of kid empowerment going with all my favorite movies. Rocky was super dreamy. I used to imagine that I was Emily and we were dating. What can I say I was young! Also I do not acknowledge the so called sequels to 3 Ninjas, they are terrible and I will never see them. 

They might be my favorites from childhood but you can bet money that all of them currently reside in my collection!! What are you favorites?
  1. awww chipmunks, pocahontas, and awww I so remember rock a doodle. you make me wanna cry now LOL :(

    come join the blog hop challenge. http://hotpinkowl02.blogspot.com/2014/02/blog-challenge.html

  2. Pocahontas was seriously the shit.
    Still is.
    Every time my friend and I pass a willow tree we ask if it's grandmother willow tree. Haha.


    1. That's hilarious! I should start doing that, although I don't see as many willow trees in our area anymore though.

  3. Pocahontas is a favorite of mine too! I actually chose her for a research project in the 3rd grade, and the movie came out shortly after which was funny to me. Here I am, 9 years old, pointing out inaccuracies in the film! I still love it though.

  4. Rock a Doodle! I loved this movie as a kid. At the time I found it a bit scary, because of course of the owl, and so intense ha but I would watch it all the time!

  5. OMG
    I laughed out loud at the rocky loves Emily pictures... I wanted a tin can telephone so badly! And rocky was soooooo dreamyyyyy

  6. I have seen Pocahantas, that's it. And I was in middle school...wow I'm old!

  7. I LOVE Pocahontas. It's by far my favourite Disney movie and one of my all-time favourite movies in general! I haven't seen any of the others though!