About Me: 7 Photos of Me Being a Ridiculously Cute Kid

One nice thing about making myself go through and scan all of my photos is getting to see and share gems that I haven't seen in years. It's always kinda fun to look back at yourself when you're so young and see how much you have changed. Since so many of the photos of me much younger are just too darn cute not to share I decided to share some of my favorites from when I was younger. : )

 From a young age I had an affinity for terrorizing the family pet. He looks so thrilled doesn't he?

 I also had/have a thing for playing dress up. Fireman looks pretty good on me right?

Isn't it interesting what gestures you still make even when you're 20 plus years removed from a photo? Totally still do the finger on the chin thinking gesture. Also that darn umbrella never inflated the way it was supposed to! 

One word. Slippers.  

 See I really like that whole dress up thing!

 For years people would come up to my mom in the super market and tell her that I looked like that little girl from E.T.  I always thought that in this photo I resembled Drew the most

Gotta love the total 80's look I'm sporting here with the dress.

Not gonna lie it definitely would be really fun to travel back and just enjoy life as a kid again. Definitely wish I could get away with some of those outfits again. Although the fireman one would be a little awkward!
  1. The fireman ensemble is adorable!

  2. You are adorable!! So fun! I love looking back at old pictures. You do look like Drew:)