9 Reasons I Miss the 90's

It seems like being a kid in the 90's was probably the best thing ever and there are definitely some days I really miss it. I mean come on with the toys, heartthrobs and music we grew up with who wouldn't? Just in case you need a little reminder about why the 90's were awesome and what I really miss and that you should miss too!  

1.  The Toys
Kids these days don't know what they missed in 90's toys.  We had the original American Girl dolls and they weren't just simpering girls, they fought bears and shit!  Our Barbies were the best although it does seem we had this thing for mermaid Barbies in the 90's, not gonna lie I'm pretty sure I had every. single. one. Even our McDonalds toys were better!

2.  Snack Food
In the 90's you could get a treat that looked like almost anything and everything. We had pure sugar coming out of baby bottles, band-aid shaped gum, and every single kids show had their own cereal/candy/anything edible. The day Dunkaroos were discontinued was the day my childhood ended.

3.  Girl Bands

For some reason the 90's were what seemed like THE decade for killer girl groups. Yes there have been some since but I'd like to think the 90's was one of the golden ages for girl groups. Today you don't see many groups it's mostly individual artists, I think girls just can't get along these days.  I mean really can you see Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and Christina in a group together?  Ha!

4.  Cartoons

Like most things seem to these days the selection of cartoons have definitely gone downhill. Seriously in the 90's Disney, Nickelodeon and the regular networks were really on top of their game. We woke up on Saturday to amazing shows like the Muppet Babies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and, Animaniacs. Let's not forget the wonder of the Disney Afternoon with Darkwing Duck, Talespin, Aladdin and Goof Troop. 

5.  School Supplies
The stuff kids take to school now just can't compete!  I mean come on rainbow colored cheetahs, ballerina bunnies, triangle colored pencils?  There just is no comparison.  Obviously the 90's were a golden age of school supplies and Lisa Frank was the ruling monarch.  

6.  Board Games

90's board games were the best things ever. We had so many games that were motorized, knocked things over, moved and were just plain freaking awesome. I mean come on Mall Madness is still the best game ever, which I still have and may or may not have made Kevin play before ... mulitple times.  

7.  Figure Skating

Even though figure skating is still pretty awesome and is always my favorite to watch these skaters nowadays just can't compete with the like of Kristi Yamaguchi, Oksana Baiul, Tara Lipinski and Michelle Kwan. Skaters these days just don't have the balls that Tonya Harding did. I mean come on who today would hire someone to jack someone as nice looking as Nacy Kerrigan in the knee? That's right no one.

8.  Dance Music

I know this one is better explained on a Tuesday but you can't have a reason to miss the 90's and not include the amazingness that is 90's dance music. It's perfection wearing parachute pants, a satin button down shirt and a tight leather vest, pounding through your speakers with that same heartbeat rhythm. One does not simply keep their head still when listening to 90's dance music.

9.  Devon Sawa

There were so many amazing 90's heartthrobs to choose from but my heart always belonged to Devon.  Maybe it was that he was kind of a ladies man in Wild America maybe it was his classic line of "Can I keep you" in Casper I'm not sure but my heart will always belong to pre-1999 Devon.  Anything past that does not exist.

  1. It seems like everyone on Facebook is playing that Guess the 90s game... and it's really making me miss the 90s... such a simpler time! It also blows my mind that the 90s were 20 years ago...

  2. OMG!!!! Devon Sawa was/is soooooooooooooo beautiful! When I re-watch Casper now it's like I am transported back to a little girl and fall in love with him all over again! Love this list!

  3. I love 90s toys! They are seriously way better than whatever it is the kids are playing with these days!

  4. I recently saw Lisa Frank stuff in a store somewhere...maybe Target? And American Girl dolls were the best! My favorites were Felicity and Samantha, although my mom refused to buy me the actual dolls because she knew I would tear them up. I had all the books though! I can't wait to take my daughter to the American Girl store in Chicago when she's older :-)

  5. This was a great trip down memory lane for me! I miss the 90s too and you post reminded me how awesome the decade was. I feel like today kids are not just missing out on these cool toys, but toys in general. Now everything is about video games and computers.

  6. LOVE THIS! I miss the 90s, too! You're right that American Girl dolls were the best back then. I had Kirsten. Thanks for putting this together!

  7. Haha love this! ooh Devin Sawa...I remember having so many of his photos from Tiger Beat!