Tunes on a Tuesday: Top 10 Ridiculously Good Looking Lead Singers

We all have that on member of the band that we just go gaga over right? Some of us go for the drummer others that guitarist just plucks the right cords in our hearts.  The one person in the band that never fails to make girls of all ages swoon is definitely the lead singer.  Maybe it's the songs, maybe it's the fact that when they sing it right at you it's an amazing, giggle inducing feeling or maybe it's just because they are right there in the front getting all the attention ... who knows!  Either way here are my top 10 ridiculously good lead singers in no particular order of course.

10.  Eric Burdon from Eric Burdon & The Animals
Eric Burdon
Brooding looks with an amazing voice make for a wonderful front man.  

9.  John Bon Jovi
Marry me Hot stuff!  Oh, wait, you are already married and so am I.  Besides, Dorothea could kick my ass!
Like a fine wine Bon Jovi has definitely gotten better looking with age.   

8.  Adam Levine
Adam Levine
I'm not sure I agree with him being the sexiest man alive but he's definitely good looking and you have to love that rugged, chiseled jaw line.  

7.  Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani 
Can't forget the ladies!!  I've loved Gwen since I first heard her sultry voice singing "Don't Speak" oh so many years ago.  Also I am totally digging this photo of her too.  

6. David Lee Roth
Putting the whole Roth v. Halen feud aside ... he's just so darn pretty.  His hair looks more fabulous than mine does which is a tad depressing haha. 

5.  Marcus Mumford
Marcus Mumford
Marcus definitely has that vintage, dorky, cute type look going on.   

4 & 3.  Justin Timberlake/JC Chasez

We all know that Justin is really the unspoken lead singer but JC always puts up a really good fight.  Both of them are super cuties, even Justin during his whole ramen hair phase.

2.  Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison 
Another brooding and soulful guy Jim Morrison is oh so good looking.  He went a little down hill right before he died so we will just think of him in this lovely photo.  

1.  Debbie Harry of Blondie 
Blondie,,,,,Debbie Harry
I obviously have a thing for blondes!  Hitting high notes with that cool demeanor Debbie is definitely rounds out my top 10 list of most ridiculously good looking lead singers.  

  1. Nice post! I think Beto Cuevas is probably the top of my list of ridiculously good-looking singers. He might actually be at the top of my list of ridiculously good-looking men.

  2. ooo i love me some adam levine!! thanks for the boner :)

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