Tunes on Tuesday: The Cover Band Scene

One of my favorite things about the Chicago area is the vibrant cover band scene.  I know if you've been around for a while you've seen me extolling my love for 'Stache, Kevin's former band but I haven't really talked about any of the other great bands that are in the area.

Most people would think of the words cover band and immediately some crap band comes to mind that just torture the songs you love by the big time artists alllll evening but seriously it's not like that ... at all!  Most of the bands in the Chicago area are amazing musicians and will rock your socks off.  Yes I will admit there are definitely some that are just terrible and not worth your time but there are definitely some that you should be seeing.


They will obviously always be my favorite and probably the one band I will see the most.  'Stache is a great band for rocking the night out to some of your favorite high school (well high school if you're in your late 20's currently haha) and current hits along with a little sprinkling of everything.  You will be listening to your favorites from Blink-182 then all of a sudden it's a great current hit like "We Are Young".  Trust me you will have a great time!

Hairbangers Ball
Hairbangers is probably the first coverband I ever saw and they are awesome.  If you don't need anything but a good time these guys are it!  Playing the best of the 80's hair metal and seriously bringing everyone in the room to a frenzy all the while looking fabulous while doing so.  If you don't like 80's hair metal you probably won't like Hairbangers.

Sixteen Candles
Moving to the other side of 80's music ... pop!  Sixteen Candles is another band that I've been in love with for years.  It makes me feel kinda old thinking that it's been eight years that I've been going to see them.  Yikes!!!  Rocking out with some seriously kicking dance moves these guys know just what 80's dance music to play to keep you going till the bar shuts down.  Also be sure to check out the 80's movie poster of the night, I've never seen the same one twice!

Rod Tuffcurls & The Bench Press
Rod Tuffcurls and The Bench Press are a bunch of crazy guys playing some crazy music.  When you say they play everything it means they play EVERYTHING.  Including hits from some big names like Madonna and the Beatles to some not so known pieces like the Golden Girls theme and the Wrigley Gum commercial.  A bunch of wacky guys in probably too short of shorts they're always a great show.  

Honorable mentions:
Being someone who tends to see the same bands over and over again because I love them so much I don't get out very often but have heard some amazing things about these bands.  Maybe I should start a band 101 list?
Modern Day Romeos
Wedding Banned
7th Heaven
Hi Infidelity

  1. i love cover bands. the only place i know of who hosts these bands is a place called Sneaky Dees but whenever i go in there, it's so dark and smokey and packed!! and they start really late, like 10pm which is a half hour after my bed time because i'm an old hag :(

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I believe Rod Tuffcurls and The Bench Press would be so much fun to watch!