My 2013 (according to Facebook)

Even though it's 2014 I still am remembering the good times had in 2013.  If you have been on Facebook at all lately you've seen the whole Year In Review according to your statuses.  It was fun seeing some highlights of my year but I'm not entirely sure that Facebook knows what it's talking about.

Obviously started off 2013 with a fun New Years eve.  I love how with the photos they're all weird photos of Kevin.  Those aren't even all of them, he gets waaaay more ridiculous.  

Look Kevin and I can be all cute and romantic.  Hopefully we can be all romantic again this year.  If Kevin asks tell him flowers and a nice dinner out is a good start ; )

Facebook did acknowledge the important highlights from the past year.  My getting a job and celebrating my birthday are obviously the most important right!?  

Then Facebook starts inserting it's own opinion and I'm not quite sure they were right.  

Really Facebook?  These are part of my top 20 things of 2013?  I feel like Facebook might be trying to tell me something ... Which probably leads to this ... 

Yeah see what you did Facebook!  Haha not really, I was going to join Weight Watchers anyways.  It's just amusing that according to Facebook year in review they drove to me.  All in all 2013 (according to Facebook and myself) was pretty good but my goal is to make 2014 even better!  
  1. I think the highlights are based on number of likes or some other odd algorithm...I had some interesting pics as well but just went with it.

  2. This post is making me want to get my "year in review." Haha...

  3. Such a great year in review! Happy New Year! Here's hoping 2014 is the best one yet!