I have issues ... 9 food issues to be exact

If you know me outside of the blog world and have ever eaten a meal with me you probably already know most of these but for those who are my cyber space friends you are definitely missing out on a Betsy treat.  All in all I wouldn't say I'm a hugely picky eater but when it comes to certain food things I just can't help but go all OCD on.  I can't be the only one with some of these issues right? : )

1.  Crunchy bits in soft food.
The two biggest types of food I have this type of issue is fried rice and things like tuna or egg salad.  Seriously if we order fried rice and the bean sprouts are still it I will sit there and pick out every. single. one.  I can't help it.  Rice is NOT supposed to crunch.  Same goes for that yummy egg salad.  If I see celery it gets picked out.  I'm not quite as anal about the salads since I'm usually eating them at work and I don't want work people to think I'm a complete psycho.

2.  Runny yolks
It freaks me out.  I probably have at least a dozen recipes that call for a poached egg that just look and sound so divine but the idea of it still just freaks me out.  I feel like if the yolk is still runny that means it's not cooked and you will get sick and die!

Spaghetti with Frisee and Fried Egg

3.  Food touching
This is one of those things I definitely get made fun of a lot for but have actually relaxed about (a little!) through the years.  Certain items of food cannot touch on my plate.  I need to see plate in-between them!  Take my Thanksgiving plate for example.  Yes turkey and mashed potatoes you can touch since I pour sweet gravy on you both and eat you together but oh no corn you better stay off in your own little corner.  Same with you jello, no touching anyone.  In the end I think I win on this one because experts say if you leave space on your plate you don't eat and much and loose weight.  HA! See my weird food habits are good for me.

4.  Tomatoes
For probably the past three summers it's been my goal to straight up eat a tomato.  Has that goal been accomplished?  Nope.  The goopy texture just weirds me out.  I will eat tomato by products till the cows come home.  Ketchup?  Oh yes!  It's not a hot dog without it.  Pasta sauce?  I'm Italian!  Large chunks in the pasta sauce?  You bet those are getting picked out and pushed to the side.  Salsa?  Yum!  You better your butt I'm only getting the salsa juice on my chip though.

5.  Wendy's fries & Frosty
Sometimes I feel like this is a generational thing because I know so many people who do it.  Did they advertise this in the 90's or something?  I love Wendy's fries in the frosty!  You have to dip it in there really good and get a decent amount of frosty on that fry or it's no good.  I have tried it at other places and it just isn't right.  Only at Wendy's can you do this.  Trust me it's good, you should try it.

6.  Club Sandwiches 
One of my favorite items to get at a diner is the turkey club sandwich with bacon, lettuce and NO tomatoes.  Obviously that's not very weird but how I eat them is.  I will eat them up until the edge or as far as the filling goes.  So I usually end up with this plate of ravaged bread.  I feel like when you're eating a Club, especially the 3-D ones where it's three slices of bread, I'm not going to waste my calories on just bread.  I want the yummy filling too!  Kevin has learned to accept this of me when we go out to eat.

7.  Reese's, Kit Kat's, and Nutty Bars
 I don't always eat them this way but I prefer it.  With the Reese's I will eat around the edge and then once the excess chocolate is gone I will savor the peanut butter middle until it melts in my mouth.  Kit Kat's are the same general principle where I eat the extra chocolate around the edge and then eat the middle.  With nutty bars I like to eat them row by row.  By eating it that way I feel you taste more of the peanut butter.

8.  The order 
Certain foods I have order issues with.  Like fried chicken for example, it is delicious I love it but I always have to pull off the skin and save that for last.  MMM fried goodness.  When I eat things like Starburst jelly beans I have to eat them in a certain order.  Orange and yellow first, then green followed by the purple, pink and red.  When they came out with the red and pink in the plastic candy cane for Christmas last year I was in heaven!

9.  Apples and Cinnamon
 This is probably the biggest one and the one I get the most grief for.  When I was younger I got really really sick off some apple and cinnamon strudel or something and from then on even the smell I just can't do it.  If it's too strong a smell I will start to gag.  It doesn't even need to be a real food item, it could be a candle or lotion.  Needless to say fall is not my favorite season smell wise.
  1. I'm the same with tomatoes. I cannot bite into one and if there are cherry tomatoes in anything I'll take them off but if it's diced in a pico de gallo or a salsa or if it's ketchup I'll eat it. I also cannot stand runny yokes. Yuck. My husband orders his eggs "over hard" which I had never heard of but it's gross because it looks solid but when he dig in it starts to run. I guess we all have our issues!!

  2. yum! :)

    would love for you to join me here--


  3. We have almost the same issues. I feel less nutty now.

  4. I hate runny yolks to and fries and frostys ARE SO GOOD TOGETHER!!!

  5. I totally could have written the first paragraph of this, I have food issues too and my friends are always shaking their heads at me. I am right there with you on foods not touching, tomatoes and eating things in their proper order!

  6. omgsh I love dipping Wendy's fries in chocolate frosty...amazing!

  7. Ahhhhh this is so me! I eat Reese's, kit kats and nutter butters exactly the same way...fries & frostys is amazing and eat all kind of things weird!

  8. I hate when my food touches...I would eat all my meals on those divided lunch trays from middle school if I could had one :) I hate when veggies get in my mashed potatoes!

  9. I cannot have my food touch either, if I'm at a restaurant as soon as I receive my food I have to desperate everything. I also love fries in my frosty and eat nutty bars row by row.. you're right, they're just better that way.

  10. ugh runny yolks. yuck. i can't stand it. my husband and fried love it and save it for last to dip the bread or some nastiness.

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