Blogging Weekend

A couple weeks ago Stephanie and I had our blogging weekend.  I know I did a little bit of a recap then but I thought I should share more of what I did and what I've been working on since then.  Sound good?  Good!

That weekend my goal was to get myself organized.  I started off with Stephanie's model of working out what I wanted to post for each day of the week for four weeks.  Each month will have at least four weeks so it's a good base, some months have that pesky 5th week so I just decided to have it be it's own randomness week.  Here is a lovely and probably somewhat confusing photo of what I set up.  I realize that's an actual month to month calendar but I like to actually see things sort of spelled out so setting it up that way to figure out my different topics really helped.

Next was the really difficult step ... being creative!  Being creative isn't extremely difficult for me, I like to think I usually come up with pretty interesting things right?  Don't answer that!! : )  The idea of sitting down and planning out creative topics for at least six weeks of posts is pretty daunting.  It means you actually have to focus, put pen to paper and commit!  Again I don't know about anyone else but that step has definitely been difficult and kinda scary for me.

I decided that if I was going to take things seriously with blogging and getting my entire life more organized this year I was going to invest in a fancy planner that could handle multiple types of things I needed to keep track of.  Most of you I'm sure can tell already what planner I invested in but there is more to come on that another day : )

The weekend also consisted of quite a bit of pinning and pin purging.  It's actually kinda satisfying hitting the delete button for pins that you know you'll never make, the link doesn't work or you just don't like anymore.  I highly recommend it!  I need to work more on my blog board, I keep pinning what look to be some great blogging tools but still haven't taken the time to go look at them again.     
The cherry on top of a productive weekend was the fun to be had with our twitter party and all the blog questions everyone asked and answered.  It was so much fun interacting with everyone, I need to join in on these twitter party type things more often!

Taking the time and really committing to working on my blog felt great.  I was able to get a bunch of ideas on paper and get myself more organized.  Even if you're only able to take half a day one weekend I would highly recommend it!  Trust me you'll feel less stressed with your day to day blogging.
  1. Good idea to do this b/c i have been running out of ideas and rarely get the response i want unless i did like i did today and said I lost my job.

  2. i'm with you on the blog's the ONLY way that i can keep up with all the work that blogging involves. this week was a true testament to how critical blog planning is; i wasn't with my schedule and i was frantically trying to come up with topics to post and my posts were just not on par this week. i didn't like that feeling so back

    Vodka and Soda to planning it is.

    but more importantly: i want to know where you got those colorful pens!????