Blogging To Do List

It's finally here!  Stephanie and I are getting together for a marathon hang out and blogging session with some organization throw in when we're at my place.  Since I don't want to go into the weekend unprepared I've decided to take some time tonight and get myself organized and pulled together for everything.

Part of that is setting some goals for myself.  There isn't any point to working on stuff if you don't have a point you want to reach right?

Blogging Goals:
1.  Develop a weekly/monthly posting schedule.  
I've been reading from different people, Stephanie included, about how much easier it makes life when you plan out your topics and stick to it.  No need to think of that elusive thing you've already done it.  Same goes for doing the same general topic every week or once a month, like my Tunes on Tuesday theme that's started up.

2.  Write ahead. 
Since we're taking the whole weekend and focusing on blogging this would be the perfect time to actually sit down and write ahead some posts.  This would definitely be awesome because then I wouldn't be flying by the seat of my pants every day ... just week by week : )

3.  Set up good sponsorship habits. 
I realize phrasing it like that is a little vague but yeah.  I've been doing a little bit better lately about up-ing my sponsorship game (go visit the lovely Bekah!!)  and work with more bloggers on a more regular basis.  I signed up for Buffer a while back but have only used it a couple of times.

4.  Read through some of the 369 Blog related pins I pinned. 
Like usual I'm starting to become an electronic hoarder but this time with my Blog Board.  I keep pinning these posts that look like they have great info but I haven't gone back to read very many yet.  This weekend that will change!!

These four goals will definitely keep me busy for the entire weekend so I won't even attempt to make any others!  This weekend there will also be some 101 list check offs and some organizing of kitchens (mine at least!).  Things are definitely going to get accomplished!  Not sure if I should be scared or not ... well I know Kevin is.  He's still convinced that Stephanie is going to throw out all of his things for some reason : )  Well we shall see what happens and hopefully we can both get some of our goals accomplished!  Have a fabulous weekend!!

  1. Love that you're having a blogging weekend! That sounds super fun! Can't wait to hear how it goes. :)

  2. You know what - reading through my blogging and how-to pins sounds like a good idea. Thank you for reminding me I have that! :)

  3. I agree, a blogging weekend between friend sounds great :) Hope it goes well!

    Box Of Various

  4. BETSY!!! it was nice to sort of chat with you and steph! it's hard to do that when my 5yr old is constantly screaming "MOMMY!" so now i'm ready to sit down and blog :)

    and yes 10000% to blogging on a schedule and preparing!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. This reminds me that I have to be doing these things too. Ugh! Blogging is hard! LOL!

  6. Love your blogging goals! I need to do something similar. I'm going to check out that Buffer site, because that sounds helpful. Hope you had a great weekend!

  7. Sometimes I'm great at blogging ahead and being organized and sometimes I really hate it. Every time I think I have it figured out it changes!

  8. I too am trying to find ways to be better organized! I hope you and Steph had fun!

  9. I highly suggest doing what you can to write all of your post for a week in one sitting. I make a point to follow a few news outlets and online magazines that always discuss issues I care about in order to inspire ideas.

    This is actually my first visit to your blog, so I look forward to what you have to write (because I love museums too!)

  10. I really love your new blog design! I would love to know, who designed it?