Ziploc Baggies Are My New BFF

In my quest to attempt total condo organization I was thinking about a better way to organize all my fun new crafting supplies.  I went a teensy bit crazy on Black Friday but now I have supplies and ideas for oh so many projects!!  The overload of ideas and supplies presents some issues, mostly memory.  You get that awesome idea and by the time you acquire the correct supplies you forget or you buy them when you have the idea but life gets in the way and now you can't remember what the heck you were going to do.

This week I had a stroke of genius that came in the form of Ziploc baggies and Post It notes.  It occurred to me that I should split up the fancy rocks I got for a magnet project and label them with who I want to give them to.  Duh!  I used the sandwich baggies for these but if you have the snack ones those work too, I'm all about using the space as best I can.

Taped sticky with info to the canvas and the bag. 

After bagging most of the rocks I went all baggie crazy and decided I could do the same thing with all the tons of photos I had been printing out.  I only want to do scrapbooking for Kevin and myself, my parents, his parents and probably four of my friends.  Let's just say that adds up to a LOT of photos floating about.  

I started off the project by sorting out a chunk of the photos I had printed.  One pile for my parents, one for us and one for Becky.  

When using baggies for the photos I decided to go with the quart sized ones.  The sandwich ones could work but it was a tight fit to get them in and if it's a bigger project you'll be adding more so the space in the bag is helpful.  Then I stapled the sticky note to the outer part above the seal.  I did it this way so the staple won't catch the photos and you can still actually open the bag and add more!  Learned that one the hard way : )

Now you have lovely sorted photos all ready for your next scrapbooking project.  I've also sorted out the ones I'll be using for Christmas gifts and other random things.  

Lastly make sure you have a little storage area cause instead of craft supplies laying around you'll have slippery bags of craft supplies all over.  We got a little IKEA shelf unit for a corner and I had already purchased the drawer for hiding storage so it worked out perfectly.  The supplies are hidden and all ready to go when you finally get that extra moment!

  1. The baggies are genius! I currently have all my craft supplies in boxes and have no idea what is in each box or even what I have.

  2. Yes. Ziplocs are a beautiful resource!