Tunes on Tuesday: Christmas Carols

One of my favorite parts of the season is when the Christmas carols start to roll out.  I think one of the reasons I love them so much is that usually they're unsullied and sung cleanly ... as opposed to over worked and totally edited to the edge of their lives.  Yes, yes I know that this does happen to carols but most of the time what you hear on the radio or out and about tends to be the nicer versions.

Everyone has their own opinions as well about what is their favorite carol so I know there will be some debate over mine.  To sing I would definitely have to say my favorite is "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen".  This is also one I really enjoy playing on the violin ... when I get it out ... once a year ... at Christmas ... because Dad and Kevin won't stop hounding me until I do.  To hear my favorite is definitely "Carol of the Bells".  I just love the drama in both songs.  They're more of hey Christmas is gonna smack you in the face as opposed to the sweet boop your nose of like "Silent Night" or "Little Drummer Boy".

One of my favorite versions of Carol of the Bells is from the Trans Siberian Orchestra.  One of the local outdoor malls by us has a fantastic light show they run to a few of the Trans Siberian Orchestra's best songs.  I got a cool video of it when we were there a couple of weeks ago but my phone is not cooperating at all!  Hopefully I'll get it off there before it's January but until then enjoy this video of it.

"Little Drummer Boy" is also another carol I'm always a fan of.  Who doesn't love singing "pa rum pum pum pum"?  Seriously sing it now and see if you don't smile. I've seen this next video floating around the interwebs the past couple of weeks. Like most people who have seen it I am a big fan of it.  Doing anything acapella and doing it really awesome always gets major kudos in my book.  I haven't heard of the group Pentatonix before this video but I'm definitely going find more of their work.  For a little boop on the nose here is "Little Drummer Boy".

What's your favorite Christmas carol? Or the one you wish would just go away?
  1. Little Drummer Boy is one of my favorites, too. It is hard for me to just pick a few, but God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is another favorite, along with Noel :) Oh, and if you like TSO you should listen to Mannheim Steamroller if you don't already :)

    jess | Quaintrelle

  2. Yes! Both excellent choices! I hope you link this up with us on Thursday!

  3. "Carol of the Bells" by TSO is my all time favorite Christmas song!!!