Sick Husband

I got a Gchat message at about 2:30 from a sick husband who went home early from work and has just not been good.  Since I need to take care of the sick boy including still making him the soup I was planning on for dinner (yup it's that ESP I've got!) and taking care of the things he can't tonight.  

Before I got news of the sick one I was reminiscing all the way back to February and was reading a couple of the old posts I wrote for Stephanie.  There are a lot of new friends hanging out now so I thought it would be fun to share one of the Nutty Posts I wrote introducing myself.  There aren't just wacky photos either there is video : D  Yeah video!  

I will be back tomorrow with some fun Tunes on Tuesday and a hopefully not so sick Kevin!!  

  1. I am new around here, and I loved that other post. I think that we all have a silly side. I also made my dad take jumping pictures of me at graduation!

  2. Hope your hubby feels better! I love your new blog design!!!

  3. I hope he gets to feeling better!!!