Here's Looking at You 101 List

With all the holiday brewhaha going on I've been totally ignoring my 101 list lately.  I know it feels oh so lonely since I haven't crossed anything off in a while so I decided to take a look and see if I could cross anything off.  Lo and behold there were definitely a few that now have nice long lines through them.

I've been wearing make up each day for about the past month and a half!  Usually in the morning I'm really lazy about my routine so being consistent with even the basics is really good for me.  About half the time I did even more than the basics.  

The one I'm most excited to cross off is my student loans!!  Kevin and I have been working on tightening up our finances, we're somewhat saving and somewhat on a budget which is all well and good but there are definitely things in life that we want to do.  To do these things (i.e. travel, bigger home, etc.) cost money and if we start really getting control of our finances now we can have  money to do these things.  Long story short we have more than enough money in our savings to pay off the rest of my student loans, so we decided to pay off the final $9,300ish.  We couldn't figure out why when we have money should we keep paying interest on the loans and stay in debt.  Not gonna lie scheduling 6k in payments that are coming out of our bank account tomorrow is pretty scary but to not have the monthly payment will be amazing.

Also looking through there were some simple ones that I could have finished by now, like the three classic films.  Thank you Netflix instant for putting up some great and not so great classics!  Barbarella was the most ridiculous movie I think I've ever seen!  Although From Justin to Kelly was pretty bad too ...   Figured out my scrapbooking item in more detail and oh look I've started on it too : )  Can't reveal much more of that one since they're surprises for people!!  

I have also come to the conclusion that there are definitely some items that are not going to get done on this list.  Like the whole selling the condo and buying a new house numbers.  We are hoping by getting hardcore about our finances it won't take as long to get the darn mortgage out from underwater but who knows.  The digitization projects will also take much much longer than I had thought they would!  Not gonna lie it's hard when you do something for a living to do it for yourself.  Plus when you have a photo taking type family you keep finding photos, they never end!!!  We shall see though and I'm going to keep plugging away at all the rest of my 101s.  

It's me!  One of the recent scans

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