Christmas in Photos

Since we had about four different Christmas celebrations this past week spanning the entire week (including just yesterday) I didn't really end up sharing much last week so I thought I would do a fun photo share today.  We started off Christmas with a nice chill Christmas eve with Lou & Bethany, munchies were had by all and we finally finished the Thanksgiving puzzle.

Christmas Day we opened some presents at Kevin's parent's house then went over to his grandma's house where we had our Asian inspired Christmas meal.  Needless to say I won Christmas with my amazing cream cheese wontons!!  We even fried up the extra edge pieces (I had to get egg roll wrappers) and they didn't make it to the table everyone was just standing around me as I was frying them up and eating.  You really can't go wrong with any sort of fried dough substance can you?

More to come about these delicious guys later in the week

Us with Kevin's uncles

Since obviously we like to do things full out this past Saturday we headed down to Peoria to have lunch with Kevin's aunt, cousin, other grandma and his brother and wife.  Good times and lots of carbs were had by all.  I'm very proud of myself since I did not have any of the bread sticks (we had lunch at Olive Garden).  

We ended up staying at my parents Saturday night because it seemed silly to have dinner with them then drive back to our house when we were coming back Sunday.  Silly or we were just lazy ... you can take your pick.  Sunday we had a great time with my family and one of my cousins joined us for a delicious turkey lunch finished off with waaaaay to many cookies.  Bethany and I obviously rocked out the Christmas puzzle.  It's not done yet but I'm feeling much better about actually finishing it in a timely manner as opposed to the Thanksgiving one!!  I think next year someone else can get one since everyone is still complaining that I picked too hard of a puzzle.  Honestly since Bethany and I end up doing 85% of the work I figure I'm going to get one that we like!  

This is the photo we took Thanksgiving for my parents Christmas card but since we didn't take any photos at my parents house yesterday it works.  

Throw in a couple more dinners with the parents throughout the week and there you have Christmas.  What's usually a chill two day even ended up turning into a week long thing this but it was nice to see so much family.  Hopefully New Years will be nice and relaxing ... you know filled with lots of arguing about how to organize the condo better since that's our plan for the night : )

  1. looks like you had a great christmas!! happy new year :)

  2. Replies
    1. I was just a part of a group giveaway through By The Porchlight. It doesn't look like she has announced a winner yet or anything and I haven't seen an email with a winner's name. Check with her! Thanks for entering : )

  3. Seems like you had hell of a christmas, You look nice in dress.


    1. Thanks! I actually have it in three colors it's such a nice dress and really comfy too!