Wedding Photo Dump 1970's Style

In an effort to move along in my quest to check off items from my 101 list and to do mysterious things for my parents ; ) I have started to go back and scan old photos.  Last week I brought home with me my parents wedding album so I could take out all the photos in it and scan them.  I ended up posting one of their photos on Facebook and it was such a hoot I thought I would share some of my favorites from their wedding with you guys.  Meaning we're doing a photo dump old school 70's style!
That's my mom!  I think she looks so beautiful.  I actually really love her dress (minus the 70's macrame) and was hoping we could get it re-made or something for our wedding but the fit just didn't look flattering on me 

Here are my parents with their entire wedding party.  OH yes my friends those are 70's powder blue tuxes!

From left to right is my aunt Donna & uncle Jim, my parents, my dad's mom and my aunt Bev.  It's so funny to go back and see my grandma in older photos because honestly from the 70's until she passed away she really looked almost exactly the same but with more gray hair.

Left to right here is my aunt Karen, my mom, her mom and dad.  It's hard to tell in these photos but my grandpa used to have a wicked comb over and from what I can tell he had it for a looooong time : )

I love these photos of my parents.  I don't know why I think they're so neat ... maybe it's the whole "they're exactly like us" mentality?  Or the fact that they're so darn cute and happy and still act that way all the time.

My favorite!  It's so weird to think that they were younger in these photos getting married than I when I got married.  Not sure if that makes them young or makes me feel old?

After posting the above photo on Facebook I got a lot of fun comments and one of my friends commented on my dad's hipster glasses ... I don't know if it can be considered hipster when you had the look the first time around.  Either way, bask in the 70's glory of the powder blue tux a little while longer and appreciate that it's not one of the 70's trends that's come back in style.
  1. I love this! I love looking at photos and older ones are always fun. Your mom was beautiful!! I too love the dress!

    1. It's so weird to look at really old photos, especially their wedding photos. It's like you know that's them but it's not the same them you know now. How crazy our parents had a life before us?! : )

  2. Those are some spectacular powder blue tuxes! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. These are great! Your mom looks beautiful, and her dress is perfect! What lovely photos. Thanks for sharing :)


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