Tunes on Tuesday: Gettin' It Done Playlist

I'm the type of person who always has to have something going on in the background while they're working on writing, cleaning, cooking, etc, etc. As I type I'm working my way through season two of Gossip Girl. When it's time to get down and get serious on my organization and getting things done I break out the straight up music. Not just any music it's usually power metal music.

Being completely obvious and cliche I usually kick off with some 80's hairmetal and it's usually Loverboy! I mean come on this one just screams (or sings) get up and dance around with the duster as your microphone.

Next I usually go for the stripper music. More dancing and cleaning ensues.

Obviously you can't have any sort of play list without one Bon Jovi song. By that time I'm living on a prayer and wishing I could hire a maid

Moving on to the 90's to keep myself pumped

Then I start to get a little more hardcore. I know some people are not a fan of this song since it's not considered one of their older songs but I'm a big fan of their cover of it. This is also one of my favorite workout songs.

I know this one is definitely way out of character for me but you'd be surprised how hard metal I can get haha. Not a huge fan of the video but I do like the song

Then it usually winds down with some college age independent rock

What gets you moving and grooving ... and sometimes cleaning?

  1. "Obviously you can't have any sort of play list without one Bon Jovi song." Amen! I want this embroidered and hung somewhere in my house.

    Depending on my mood my cleaning playlist either consists of a lot of pop/rock songs or a lot of sad/mopey country power ballads.

  2. Paul Simons live album that he did in central park in the late 80's or early 90's. Those african drums get the living room cleaned every time!

    1. I love Paul Simon! I will have to give that a try for our next bought of intense organizing and cleaning this weekend.