Tunes on a Tuesday: Disney on Pandora

Lately in an attempt to not be so connected to my computer I have taken to listening to Pandora on my phone in the mornings.  The past week I was all about the 90's alternative but this morning I went for a change in style.  I had been putzing around on Buzzfeed last night and came across the article about 21 Underappreciated Disney Songs.

So this morning I decided that it was going to be a good morning for some Disney!  Lo and behold there were multiple types of Disney Pandora stations.  Obviously the ones relating to anything current Disney channel were quickly passed over, we don't roll that way in our house!  I decided on the Walt Disney (Children's) station.

The first couple songs were killer ones like "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" and "Belle" they got the blood pumping and woke me up for the day.  Then the romantic ballad and Billy Joel love fest started up.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy Tarzan and the soundtrack for the movie but when out of 8 songs half are from Tarzan we need to have a talk Pandora.

Just when the Billy Joel saga ended it was time to head to work and Disney on Pandora totally redeemed itself by sending me off with this epic tune.

  1. Love that you listen to the Disney station. Those are some feel good classic songs:)