Tunes on Tuesday: 5 Weirdest songs

Sunday Kevin was complaining about how people just don't get his love of metal music and how everyone just thinks it's so weird.  I'm not a huge metal fan especially the kind he listens to but honestly if people saw some of what was on my play list they would think I'm a crazy lady.  Seriously I have some weird stuff in my musical collection that spans the entire music gambit, except country I don't like country.

1.  Australian Aboriginal
Seriously I have at least two entire albums and a number other other random songs.  I have always been a big fan of international traditional music but I think Australian aboriginal takes the cake as the oddest type I have on my playlist.  The uniqueness of so many different culture's music is just fascinating and very beautiful.  If you're looking for something not sooo out there check out middle eastern belly dance music (another major favorite of mine!)

2. 90's German Punk
I know I've mentioned this one before but during my younger years I wanted to do everything my brother did and that included developing a love of some of the same music.  Since he took German in high school he got really big into German punk music.  SO of course I became really big into German punk music.  I'm a big fan of the band Die Toten Hosen, this song in particular is a really good one to work out to.

3. Hardcore Metal
Moving further down the metal spectrum I don't tend to like a lot of hardcore metal but when I do it seems to surprise people.  Not sure why? : )

4. Christian Rock/Pop
Being the good Lutheran I am I went though my love of Christian rock phase during high school when Jars of Clay, DC Talk and Newsboys ruled the scene.  Since this era I feel like Christian rock isn't just the same so I tend to stick to that time period in music.  I know the whole oh man Betsy is Lutheran? thing is a bit on surprising side but I don't tend to talk about my faith walk much with anyone so that might be something in the future.  For now rock out to this killer tune by DC Talk, again another one I enjoy working out to.

5. Techno
I'm not talking about the top 40 type techno that gets played on B96 (Chicago's pop station) I'm talking hardcore club type techno.  I've got loads of it!  A friend of mine was a DJ a local under 21 place in high school and gave me a ton of stuff and I've been hooked since then!

What's the oddest thing on your playlist?? Seriously I need some new things to listen to : )
  1. Ah, Jesus Freak...I have found memories attached to that song! And I still have a whole bunch of Jars of Clay on my iPod. Christian Rock really did peak in the 90s!