Strange Things are Afoot ...

Firstly if you know the quote my title refers to I will love you forever!  Secondly I don't know if it's because we just got done with Halloween or what but it seems that this weekend was a really strange news weekend here the Chicagoland area.

Starting off with today and working our way backwards we kick off the first Monday in November with a bang ... well more like a rattle.  It seems as though today there was some sort of earthquake that they're now calling a blast from a quarry.  If you look down at the comments some sort of rattle was felt all over the Chicago area not just in the immediate area of the quarry.  Like usual I didn't feel a darn thing!  People still talk about the few earthquakes that have happened on our fault line over the years and I've slept through them all.

Usually when you think of libraries you don't' think controversial but a south suburban library is definitely stirring up the pot.  They have allowed viewing of any website on adult only computers and of course someone has seen what people are looking up and doesn't like that.  I personally have no opinion either way and can see both sides but seriously guys you're going to look at that stuff in public?  I would feel really awkward about doing that haha.

Over the weekend a cute little alligator was found hanging out underneath the stairs at O'Hare Airport.  After watching the video the smart person who just left it, probably when they realized it wouldn't get through security, tweeted photos of the alligator on the Blue line.  Gotta love smart people who leave a "paper" trail.

The last story wasn't so weird as it was a little close to home ... well actually work.  Whenever I see any article that's near us or my parents I automatically read it, while this one wasn't at our end of Arlington Heights it is only about two blocks from work!

Hopefully all the wacky news dies down a bit.  I mean come on an alligator and an earthquake might be a little much in one weekend!!            
  1. lol to the alligator bit! What the heck. How did he think he'd get away with that! Is that bill & ted?

    1. Yup it's Bill & Ted!! People are so dumb these days. Maybe he figured if he had it in a little travel case like a chihuahua no one would notice?

  2. That's crazy about the alligator! Maybe people should have started playing air guitar to lure him into a tranquil state:)