People of Facebook: Things my Friends say

Yesterday Samantha over at Life is But a Stream of Thoughts posted a hilarious post about things she said when she was first on Facebook back in 2010.  After I finished laughing I realized that I've been on Facebook since 2005 ... Holy cow what ridiculous things have my friends said to me in 8 years of being on Facebook!  Let's just say there are definitely some good ones but I'll let them speak for themselves.

So the best part of going back and looking at the things my friends have posted, especially at the reaaaaally old ones is that the conversation is only one sided.  I have NO idea what he's referring to here and I'm not sure I want to remember!

Fact ... I have big boobs ... Fact ... my friends like to comment on them ... a lot.  These are two of the best early ones I found but there are definitely more!  

We called each other wench a lot.  I might have done something here with Snood.  Anyone remember Snood.  That game was the best! 

This is another one where I wish I knew what we were talking about.  I'm pretty sure I wasn't being dirty since I am an innocent little angel : )  

So much ridiculousness it cannot be contained in one single post.  There will definitely be more to come ... I might have to go onto my friend's profiles and see what ridiculous things I said on theirs ... maybe the have the other parts of the conversation ...  
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