Da Bears

**Disclaimer**  I do not pretend to be an avid bears fan nor to I actually attempt it.  The extent of my being a true fan really comes from being guilted into watching the games with Kevin.

With that disclaimer being said even if you're not actually a Bears fan when you're from Chicago you're a Bears fan.  That's just kind of how it is in this town and in my family.   Lately the Bears have just not been playing their best, especially this past weekend.  Kevin was really glad we weren't able to watch it, I think he might have cried if he would have.  Even though our teams aren't always the best we still idolize them and our coaches.  We even think they're awesome enough to run for president!

As a Chicagoian you root root root for the home team!  Even when the home team isn't that great ... or even good at all ... *cough cough Cubs cough*.  I'm pretty sure that Chicago has some of the most out there and in your face fans in the whole country.  We are hardcore fans to the end!!  Well most of us are ... especially this guy ... 

Drunk Chicago Bears Fan Runs Headfirst Into Street Sign

Unfortunately the video was removed by the person who put it up before I posted it but this GIF shows the most important part.  In summary Da Bears fans are so intense we run into solid objects, and keep on ticking just to show our pride!  
  1. lol thats pretty hilarious. he looks like he knocked himself out!!!

    1. Yeah he seemed to get up in the full length video (which has been taken down everywhere!) but it's still hilarious.