5 ways I realized today I'm unprepared for Chicago Winter

Snow!  This afternoon one of my friends told me that it was snowing.  Since I work a basement and only emerge three times during the week day I had no idea that was going on.  Unfortunately for me I seem to be totally and utterly unprepared for winter and snow that has so obviously arrived!

1.  Shoes ... In the winter time I go all out and pretty much wear my Doc Martins all winter.  Staying two inches above the snow?  Yes please.  Today what was I wearing?  My cute little ballet shoes which got wet right away.

2.  Hat & Scarf ... I have awesomely warm, keep the wind off fleece hat and scarves.  Was not prepared with them today in my possession.  Really hoping that they are even at our place and not packed away at my parents house!

3.  Wipers ... Don't tell Kevin but he's going to have a major "I told you so" moment this evening.  He asked me a few weeks ago if I needed new ones and I was like oh no they're good.  HA not in heavier Chicago snow they aren't!

4.  Snowbrush ... I have a nice little 2007 Cobalt but I do NOT joke around with snow removal.  Currently in my car is a crappy little brush I had to buy after running my huge 52' one into the ground after three years.  I did not enjoy using that one and neither did my cute little ballet shoes.  Pretty sure I'm going to be ordering this bad boy from Amazon this week.  

5.  Moisturizer ... Kevin and I both have excema which means we both get super dry skin in the winter.  My finger joint skin started to crack this past week really badly.  We were finally able to get our industrial size humidifier but I took stock of our Aveeno and we are down to almost nothing!!  Meaning one thing of the excema type and two little travel size regular ones.  My poor fingers need more!

Are you ready for winter?!

These guys aren't ready either. 

  1. Haha it snowed here a wee bit toady too and it even stuck a little.

    Allie of Dressing Ken

  2. i am not ready for snow!!! I was a little disappointed that we got some even though it was a little bit!

  3. I can't believe it snowed already! The cold weather hit Kansas this week, too. I'm definitely not ready for this. I have eczema, too, so I hear you about needing moisturizer. I'm always terrible about remembering to put it on my hands, but the cracking reminds me:) Hopefully this snow was just a fluke.