10 Things I Hate About Monday

1.  Going back to work

2.  After a fun weekend with friends you have to go back to being an adult and doing adult things.

3.  It's the longest point away from the next weekend of fun or just not having to do adult things.

4.  Everyone always seems to be extra crabby or annoying.

5. You realize everything you didn't get done at the end of last week because you were so busy wanting it to be the weekend and now realize you have a ton more work to do on Monday

6.  Monday makes you realize how unprepared you are for the week and remember all the things you were going to get a head start on over the weekend but didn't.
Doesn't it seem like weekends are flying by anymore? *Like* if you agree that there should be another day in between Saturday & Sunday! :)  -Parra Electric, Inc.

7.  Everyone seems to drive like a jerk on Mondays.

8.  Everyone else seems to be totally off their game so even if you're on the ball, being awesome and getting awesome things done they mess it up.

9.  Even though you got 8 hours of sleep the night before you seem to always be extra tired on Monday.

10.  Because it's Monday!!

...oh yeah...
  1. ummm you see I feel the same about every single one of those! Mondays do suck!

  2. Well put! I hate Mondays, too. I love how you put it that we have to start acting like adults again--so true:)

  3. I favor Mondays over Tuesdays though. Tuesdays blow.

  4. Monday's suck. That's all I have to say!! : )