Tunes on Tuesday: Yellow Submarine

Pretty sure I've mentioned this one before but I'm a huge Beatles fan.  Out of all the the bands I love the Beatles and AC/DC are my top two favorites.  Love so many of their songs and could listen to them every day. Since not just myself but my whole family are big Beatles fans we were also fans of their movies as well.  Yup they made movies!  Now my two favorites of theirs are "Help" and "Hard Day's Night", those are for another day.  Today we're talking about a lesser known movie of theirs "Yellow Submarine".  Now during my early college years I was and still am obsessed with the 1960's.  Pretty sure my parents and I should be reversed.  While I was searching for more amazing rock operas and movies made by bands I love I came across this complete ridiculousness.

So the movie starts off in Pepperland where everyone is super happy and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is playing music then all of a sudden the Blue Meanies attack, the freeze the band in a bubble thereby freezing all of Pepperland and turning it black and white!  Side note the Blue Meanies have their own Wikipedia page which is freaking awesome.  So Old Fred who is called Young Fred is sent by the Mayor to get help in the Yellow Submarine.  Coming across a depressed Ringo Fred convinces him to bring his mates to Pepperland and rescue the people.  There is some usual Beatles ridiculousness while trying to round everyone up and then their off.

This is where things get really crazy.  To get back to Pepperland they have to go through a bunch of crazy and different worlds/seas.  Going through Sea of Time, time is all over going back and forth.  Then comes the Sea of Science and the Seas of Monsters followed closely by the Sea of Nothing.  In the Sea of Nothing they meet their new friend Jeremy Hillary Boob PhD, during their encounter with Jeremy they sing "Nowhere Man" and it definitely works for him.  After a little bit of pouting the Beatles decide to take him along and go through the Foothills of the Headlands and the Sea of Holes, in the latter the Blue Meanie who is on guard snatches Jeremy, the all dash through the Sea of Green and pop into Pepperland.

The Beatles quickly recover instruments from the Tower (where the Meanies put them) and dress like the original Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  Their cover is blown and they have to sing and play music to defeat the Blue Meanies.  Because of the singing everyone in Pepperland is restored so they take up arms/flowers against the Meanies too.  There is a fight with a large flying glove and all the people from Pepperland are saved and happy.

Now I'm not one to say things like this often but if I was to ever do mind altering substances this would be the first thing I would do is watch this movie!  It's ridiculousness put to a fabulous soundtrack.    

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