Tunes on Tuesday: Wake Me Up

Lately I have been so utterly obsessed with the song Wake Me Up by Avicii.  I love the pulsing melody of it and I'm not going to lie my bought of nostalgia and melancholy lately definitely has me relating to the sentiments of the lyrics. This came on the radio I think four times on my drive to my parents and I listened to the entire song each time.

I started thinking about the phrase "Wake Me Up" in songs and I realized that it's actually used a number of times in songs that were quite popular when they came out.  One I thought of was Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends"  I keep seeing random memes on Pinterest at the end of last month that kept referring to that song.  So I think it's been playing in the back of my head since then!

The next song I thought of was the ever popular "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence.  This one was a big hit when I was in high school ... I can't believe that song is 10 years old either.  It has that pulsating, fist pumping and head banging chorus that pounds out the lyrics "Wake me up inside ... Wake me up inside ... Call my name and save me from the dark."  Love it.  This video is actually a little bit different than you would expect.  This person spliced together parts of Sleeping Beauty and put them to this song.  I personally think it's pretty awesome but other people have told me I'm weird.  Don't care, like it!

Not gonna lie this last song is definitely the first one that popped into my head.  It needs no introduction just sit and bask in the fabulous 80's popiness of it.